From Day to Night sophia perigo

A student looks out over the campus after finishing freshman orientation. With classes starting in the upcoming fall, it occurs to the students that High School is over and their life truly begins.
The story between the new and old generation. The old generation looks out and remembers the glory days, while the new generation starts planning for their future.
A nervous freshman asks for help from some of the upper class, to know what all he must do to be set for all of his classes.
During freshman orientation they have a chance to sign up for their upcoming classes. Some classes are mandatory and some they must take to help them get their degree
Blake Obert and Jim Stanley do their handshake before the HSJI councilors start the game they have planned fot the night.
Savannah Baugh laughs at someones excuse durning the game Mafia, people accused of being Mafia have the opportunity do defined themselves and give reasons as to why aren't.
Richard Gray thinks about reasons as to why he accused someone of being Mafia. Every accuser had to give reasons as to why they accused someone.
Maya Wilkins laughs along with everyone at someones excuse, some excuses were more elaborate than others leading to many laughs the whole night.
Blake Obert shocked when he was accused of being part of the Mafia after not say a word during the first half of the game.
Maya Wilkins was surprised when she got accused for the third time, without strong reasons as to why.

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