Famous Aboriginal People: Phyllis Webstad by jillian v.

The famous aboriginal person that I chose was is Phyllis Webstad.

Phyllis Webstad

I chose Phyllis because she started a very important campaign. The campaign is called Orange Shirt Day, and every year on September 30, you are supposed to wear an Orange shirt in support of the aboriginals who had to go to residential schools. This campaign started in 2013.

Orange Shirt Day is important because it helps make people aware of residential schools. 40% of adults don't know about residential schools, and this makes me very sad. More people should know about this tragedy. That is why Orange Shirt Day is good, because if the 40% of adults see all these people wearing an orange shirt and ask them why, they will find out, and then more people will know. The more people who know, the more people can help give justice to the aboriginals, and the more people learn from Canada's mistakes.

Phyllis' story: Phyllis was very excited for her first day of school (at a residential school). She was so excited that her Grandma bought her a brand new orange shirt to wear to school. When Phyllis got to school, they took the orange shirt away from her, and they cut her hair off. They were very mean to her, they treated her very bady, and she knew she didn't like the new school. She never saw that Orange Shirt again. Phyllis made Orange Shirt Day so that more people could be aware of residential schools, and she tells people to wear an orange shirt because she didn't get the opportunity to wear one.

Phyllis and her Grandma

Phyllis is around 50 years old, and is married, has 1 son and 2 grandkids. Phyllis had horrible experiences when she was younger, but now she has a better life.

This is very scary, that 50 years ago there were still residential schools. My dad is 53, so that means he was around when residential schools were around. Just imagine if you had been born 50 years earlier. Would you be going to a residential school, or would you be a student who had no idea that residential schools even existed? This scares me to think that if I had been born 50 year earlier, I would have been born into a horrible time.

I can't believe this was happening at such a close time to my life.

Some aboriginal people are scared to send their children to public schools, because they have such bad memories of what happened to them when they were in school. That is why Orange Shirt Day is good, it shows the worried parents that the children and teachers in school nowadays care. We care about what happened to these people. And we are doing everything we can to make up for it. We can ease these parents fear, and they can send their kids to school without worrying.

Phyllis Webstad is an amazing human being, and a great role model for young aboriginal girls. Phyllis has done some great work making people aware, and now we are doing what we can to make everyone aware. Thank you Phyllis Webstad, for all your hard work.

Thank you Phyllis!

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