World War 2 Kate Alexander 41


After World War 1 Germany was blamed for the war. They had to pay for all the damage and that left them in financial ruins. Then one day a man named Adolf Hitler stepped up and persuaded the people it was the Jews faulght for turning Germany into ruins. So he got armies and he started invading Europe. Soon he wanted to wipe the Earth clean of Jews so he invaded Poland which started the war.

Adolf Hitler

Adolf Hitler followed and believed in Nazism. When Germany was in ruins he started making promises to help Germany and became their dictator. He started to lead them across Europe. They took over countries and put Jews in Ghettos and/or later sent them to concentration camps or a German soldier killed them. After that he wanted to take over the world and lead Germany to Poland witch started the war. He also wanted to make the perfect race of people with blond hair and blue eyes. After the war was over and he saw that Germany had lost he shot himself.

Benito Mussolini

Benito Mussolini believed in fascism. He was higher than king and pope and he joined the axis powers. He was the top ruler of Italy.


Stalin was ruler of the Soviet Union. He joined the axis powers in the beginning in the war and made a promise not go against Germany and Germany would not invade the Soviet Union. Germany went back on their promise and invaded the Soviet Union, Stalin then transferred to the allies. Before and during the time with the axis powers people lived in fear and obeyed because the might be sent to gulog, whitch is a system of labor camps used for punishment.


Tojo was the leader of Japan. He joined the axis powers.He sent an attack on Pearl Harbor witch forced America to declare war on Japan and a few days later Germany declared war an America. He also believed in militarism.

Francisco Franco

He was a soldier and some how became ruler of Spain. He went to a Catholic school and after he went to a military school and graduated 3 years later with below average marks. Also when the war came around he joined the axis powers.

The End


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