Rescue Words Scott Gould


indescribable, impossible to express with words

What she felt at that moment was pure, ineffable excitement at the sight before her eyes.



After the high fever and stomach flu, her face still looked wan for several days.


very small

There are infinitesimal molecules in everything you see.


characterized by disturbance or noise

The small party soon turned into a tumultuous celebration of my cousin’s homecoming.


lighted or appearing to glow

At the party, her dress sparkled under the lights and looked luminous.


Created with images by USAG-Humphreys - "Amercian, Korean Red Cross Lifeguards train for the times" • The Wandering Angel - "To Beseech Thee" • HannahJoe7 - "girl tired expressionless" • - "Molecule display" • geralt - "fireworks rocket new year's day" • maveric2003 - "luminous"

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