calamity jane Taylor and Savannah

Name : Martha Jane Canary

born: may 1 ,1853

from: princeton, missouri

The eldest of 6 children, having 2 brothers and 3 sisters. Her mother died in 1866 of "washtub pneumonia.", and her father died in 1867 in Salt Lake City, Utah. She received little education but was still literate. At only age 16 she took head of her household and moved her family. she was known for her sharp shooting.

*washtub pneumonia- used to describe a variety of respiratory problems usually associated with women who worked as launders in coal mining camps

West, Calamity Jane rode some of the wildest. She was that kind of gal! One of the wildest happened in Deadwood one summer afternoon.Before she turned 20 years old, she had landed a job as a scout, and from that day on her life was one long adventure. She wasn't afraid of anything or anyone. One year a fella named Capt. Egan watched her perform courageous acts during a battle in the Black Hills of South Dakota, and it was he who named her Calamity Jane after she saved dozens of stagecoach passengers, and after she plunged with her horse right into the swelling rivers, unafraid to cross anything. Nothing was too deep or too wide or too tough for Calamity Jane.

Calamity Jane was sitting on her horse one summer day. This was in Deadwood, and the horse was Jim, Calamity's favorite horse of all. A stranger happened to ride into town that day, and when he heard tales of Calamity Jane, he decided he'd like to meet her.When he saw her sitting on her horse, he rode right up and said, "Hello, there, ma'am. I've heard you're a mighty racer. I was wondering ... Care to race horses with me?" she said yes and they set the reward to the winner for $200 Calamity Jane had been training her Jim to do this trick for years, and that horse was so agile and so fast and so devoted to Calamity Jane, he could take a bottle in his mouth, open it with his teeth and drink it down, just as if he were a man. That Jim would do whatever Calamity Jane asked him to do. Most folks and most animals would.

Calamity Jane won that race by three saloons. People say no strangers ever challenged her again. Nobody could beat Calamity Jane, not even the wildest men of the wild, Wild West.


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