Wolves in yellowstone by francesca

In the 1930’s the wolves of national stone park were removed from the park.Then in 1995 they were reintroduced to the park.Some people think it was a good idea getting rid of them and some think it was a bad idea.The farmers were the ones that wanted them gone they complained that the wolves were in their fields and eating the cows.The government agreed and they removed the wolves from the park.For over 60 years there were no wolves.In 1995 they got reintroduced to the park for two reasons,they were on the endangered species list and the ecosystems were dying.Over all I think that reintroducing the wolves was a good idea.

One of the reasons I think that it was a good idea is the wolves changed the ecosystems.Before the wolves came back the elk population was huge and when no animals were hunting them the elk over grazed the plants and trees down to where there was nothing.But when the wolves came back they killed so of the elk and it kept them on there feet.The elk started to avoid the areas where they could be easily hunted like the valleys and river banks.That caused the trees to grow triple the size and all the plants grew and thrived.The birds came back because of all the trees and the beavers made more dams and that brought back all the fish and muskrats.The wolves killed of some of the coyotes and that brought back all of the bunnies and mice witches attracted more birds.Doug smith a wildlife biologist in charge of the Yellowstone project said in “Wolf Reintroduction Changes Ecosystem” that “It is like kicking a pebble down a mountain slope where conditions were just right that a falling pebble could trigger an avalanche of change.”But that is not,the wolves changed the rivers they did so much!

There are some objections to saying that wolves are good in the yellowstone park.One of them is that the wolves wander into farmers fields and kill their animals. The farmers were mad about the wolves because there farmers were on wolf territories. That is really bad but still all the good out ways the good

The wolves did so much,to the ecosystem it is so amazing. Even though there are some people that think it was a bad idea but I think it was a good idea.


“Wolf Reintroduction Changes Ecosystem”

“How wolves change rivers”

“Wolf Reintroduction”

thank you for reading!:)

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