Being Different nobody is limited to one identity

Although I come from a Hispanic background, I speak fluent in English. I can understand the language and a person can have a conversation with me in Spanish but I will respond in English. My mother speaks both languages but I was never able to pick up the words. Being Hispanic is not only about the language you speak it's about the culture and the food you eat. I'm Puerto Rican and a famous food that we cook are plantains. We aren't the only culture that cook plantains, but we still eat them. We have a diverse culture and listen to spanish music. There's more to being Puerto Rican besides the language and food. We also have traditions and rituals that are different than others. People think that you have to look and act a certain way to be Puerto Rican. In actuality we come in all shades, shapes and sizes.

Puerto Rican Flag: The colors of the flag are red, white and blue. The Puerto Rican flag and the American flag have many similarities. The one difference is the amount of stars and stripes on the flag. The single star on the Puerto Rican flag stands for the commonwealth of Puerto Rico. The blue triangle represents the Republican government. The red stripes represents the blood that nourishes the three branches of government. The white stripes stand for individual liberty and the rights that keep the government in balance. Puerto Rico is part of the U.S. It became it's territory in 1898 when it was acquired from Spain. If a person is born in Puerto Rico they're U.S citizens.

I'm an African American female who is 14 years old. People think that age limits you from doing different things and that's not true.

People have many identities and I happen to be one. Not only am I black and Puerto Rican but I'm Jamaican too.

Jamaican Flag: The colors of the flag are green, black and golden-yellow. The black depicts the strength and creativity of the people. The gold represents the natural wealth and beauty of sunlight while the green stands for hope and natural resources. The design of the flag is a yellow diagonal cross which divides the field into four triangles of green, top and bottom, and the black , left and right. The flag was adopted on August 6th, 1962 the original Jamaican Independence day in which the country gained its independence from the British.
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