CSC 5 Year Strategy 2019 - 2024

Who are Consortium for Street Children?

Consortium for Street Children (CSC) is the only global network that raises the voices of street-connected children, uniting the organisations working to create long-term change.

Our Network is made up of 100+ NGOs, advocates, researchers and on-the-ground practitioners across 135 countries, working with and for street children.

Why do we exist?

We exist to put an end to the discrimination street-connected children around the world face on a daily basis. We believe we can create a world where every street-connected child lives with dignity, in safety and security, and able to fulfil their potential.

What do we do?
  • We give Street Children a voice at the international level
  • We encourage governments around the world to realise Street Children’s rights
  • We make Street Children visible by collating and sharing data and evidence
  • We facilitate collaboration between the world’s leading organisations supporting Street Children
Our Purpose

Mobilising a global movement to protect and promote Street Children’s rights

Our Vision

A world where Street Children are guaranteed the same rights as every other child

With a strategy guided by the below 5 objectives, our aim is to achieve a world where street children are guaranteed the same rights as every other child

Objective 1

Refocus our advocacy on compelling governments to guarantee street children the same rights as every other child

Compel UN Member States to meet their obligations to street children

  • Compel UN Member States to amend laws, policies and practice to meet their obligations to street children under the ‘Convention on the Rights of the Child’
  • Promote use of the UN General Comment to support implementation

Promote the rights of street children at the Global and Regional level

  • Implement campaigns to promote the rights of street children
  • Engage with regional and international government and human rights bodies

Strengthen our Network’s expertise and confidence in Advocacy

  • Bring together knowledge and expertise in Advocacy from across our Network
  • Strengthen Network’s expertise and confidence through training and guidance
  • Empower Street Children to advocate for their own rights

Objective 2

Ensure street children are included on International Development and Human Rights agendas

Leverage the ‘Leave No-one Behind’ agenda

  • Lobby to ensure that every major donor or foundation is convinced that street children must be included in every Child Development and Human Rights programme

Forge alliances that accelerate action for street children

  • Engage with organisations addressing adjacent issues, such as child sexual exploitation, child marriage, migrant and refugee children, homelessness, anti-slavery and climate change
  • Identify other global initiatives where we can incorporate street children actions, in a similar way to ‘Leave No-one Behind’

Develop compelling global campaigns

  • Identify campaign themes in collaboration with the CSC Communications Forum
  • Implement campaigns, including developing digital communications, campaign materials, and communications support for Network organisations

Objective 3

Strengthen and disseminate data and evidence on Street Children to accelerate action

Develop the world’s leading repository of data, evidence and knowledge on Street Children

  • Compile data and knowledge from network organisations, individual researchers, institutions, academia etc.
  • Develop our knowledge platform to enable capturing and sharing information, enhancing access to reliable and inclusive data, evidence and knowledge for our Network and beyond

Commission new research on Street Children to drive and accelerate action

  • Select thematic research priorities that will accelerate action by governments and institutions
  • Commission new research with the Research Forum and established research institutions
  • Partner with research institutions and the Research Forum to drive the Network’s research capacity

Track the ‘State of Street Children’ globally

  • Develop a methodology to track the ‘State of Street Children’ over time
  • Publish an annual report that tracks the ‘State of Street Children’ to be used as a global benchmark
  • Enable governments, NGOs, donors etc. to track the progress and effectiveness of initiatives

Strengthen our Network’s capability and expertise in Research

  • Strengthen the knowledge exchange between our Network and researchers, and pool knowledge, experience and good practice
  • Strengthen Network’s research expertise through training and guidance

Objective 4

Strengthen and grow our Network globally

Secure and grow our Network

  • Develop a committed, active Network whose local work benefits from its connection to CSC
  • Diversify our Network to ensure global representation, supported by multi-lingual comms
  • Target new organisations we need to involve in our Network

Engage street children in our Network

  • Create a forum to engage current and former street children in helping shape our activities

Connect, showcase and celebrate our Network

  • Create Network forums, where the Network can connect to share learnings and experience
  • Showcase outstanding work via case studies, conference presentations and other formats
  • Celebrate organisations and individuals who are doing exceptionally successful or innovative work

Seek funding / grants for initiatives with Network organisations

  • Continue to seek new restricted funding opportunities that permit sub-granting to Network organisations
  • Continue to deliver against existing grants and implement high quality stewardship
  • Attract strong network partnerships through delivery of grants

Objective 5

Improve street children’s lives by sharing our Network’s unique on-the-ground expertise

Gather and consolidate our Network’s direct service expertise

  • Capture the combined experience of our unique Network to create a global hub of insights to improve the lives of street children
  • Use Network forums and experts to agree and compile insights

Disseminate findings to help improve life for street children

  • Share best practice through conferences, our website, printed materials, and advisory services
  • Bring the Network to a global stage to share inspirational practice, experience and outcomes

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