A Trip into Florida's History (The Museum of Natural History) Hannah Lamberg

Nature on Display

I love how bright and vibrant this exhibit is. This depiction of people of the estuary over six thousand years is such a neat concept. The reason, in my eyes, that this exhibit stands out is that it shows people over the passage of time. The landscape of Florida may have changed over the years, but the types of people living on said landscape have changed more. It is also extremely interesting to see that at the same time, in the early 1990s, a Seminole family and a Spanish-American man living on the same landmass. I really enjoyed being able to see a physical depiction of a walk through time.

Nature & Ethics

It was amazing to be able to walk through the Butterfly Rainforest. Most museums limit the amount of interaction one can have with the exhibits, simply because the majority of museums only offer "static exhibits." The Butterfly Rainforest was a very dynamic experience that made me feel connected with nature. This, like Leopold believed, makes us feel a part of the living community, not above it. Others in the museum exhibits, especially the Butterfly Rainforest, were quite absorbed in the reality of the scenery. Being able to submerge yourself in nature to view an exhibit is the most impactful experience that you could undergo in a museum.

Nature & the Human Spirit

This exhibit really made me think about how unique our world is. Of course, every part of the universe is interesting, but the ocean has always held a special place in my heart. I absolutely love the water, as it is so vast and full of mystery. This depiction of the ocean is appealing because of the contrasting colors of the exhibit. The darker lightening, offset with the bright blues and green of the water and plant-life, creates a pleasant experience for the viewers. As Heschel said, it is important to be aware in our lives in order to see how beautiful the world is.

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