Why should you be Concerned 2016

People die all the time because of not being able to escape from fires in the factories. According to an article written on November 25, 2012 called "Fatal Fire in Bangladesh Highlights the Dangers Facing Garment Workers" states that "since 2006, more than 500 bangladeshi workers have died in factory fires." also from that article it says that "many of those fires could have been avoided if the factory had taken the right precautions".
The average wage per hour in the USA is about 25 dollars and the average person works for about 34 hours a week and that means that the average person should earn about 850 dollars a week and about 5950 dollars a month.
Then in bangladesh the average wage per hour is about 30 cents an hour and work about 11 hours a day that means that they earn about 80 dollars a month where as people in the USA earn about 5950 dollars a month which is about 74 times the amount made a month in bangladesh.
Another huge role in all the deaths of factory workers is the building collapses. In 2013 the Savar building collapsed in Bangladesh killing about 1,100 people and injuring approximately 2,500 more. There have been many accidents like this killing hundreds of workers. Another example is the Rana Plaza. It collapsed and killed about 400 people.

Fair Trade

When an article of clothing has a fair trade label it means that it was made in a safe environment with reasonable hours, the workers made a living wage and were comfortable while working.

Fair Trade usually costs more than non Fair trade items but those extra dollars that you spend on fair trade items go to the people that made the items.

According to the pie chart above 50% of the money made by selling a t-shirt goes to the shop of which it was sold, 25% of the money goes to the brand of the clothing, 17.5% of the money goes to the Government VAT/Taxes, 13% goes to the cost of the cloth/materials, 11% gos to the cost of transporting the item, and sadly only 0.5% of the money goes to the workers.

With a fair trade item instead of 0.5% it would be 2.5% which is 5 times the amount made by a regular fair trade item.

What can you do?

You can start buying Fair Trade labeled clothing. According the video "Fair Trade: The First Step," buying Fair Trade clothing means that the extra money that you spend on that article of clothing (called the premium) goes straight from the store to the workers hands, which they can then either use to put in a bank account to use on whatever they want/need, or other local needs (daycares, hospitals etc.)

This is the video i used to get most of the information about Fair Trade


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