Aam ji luu-x̱hln̓aa-t'aatgwin Student newsletter | September 8, 2020

Welcome to the another issue of Aam ji luu-x̱hln̓aa-t'aatgwin!

Welcome to the fourteenth issue of Aam ji luu-x̱hln̓aa-t'aatgwin. Each month, we will focus on an Indigenous language in our region. This Sk'aagi Kung, we are focusing on the Haida language, Hlg̱aagilda X̱aayda Kil and using Haida words throughout.

Aam ji luu-x̱hln̓aa-t'aatgwin means "it's good for you to stay home" in Nisga'a. In Hlg̱aagilda X̱aayda Kil, they say Damxan hla agan king guu, “Look after yourselves”.

Sk'aagi Kung means Dog Salmon Month in Haida, where as Ts'uu Ḵ'al Wiig̱uux̱aay Ḵuu.ngaay (Ts'uu) (ḵ'al) (wii) (g̱uu) (x̱aay) (ḵung) (.aay) translates to basket weaving month! Both terms refer to the time and month of September. We hope your September is filled with great activities such as those that are practiced over in Gwaii Hanaas or Haida Gwaii, the home of the Haida peoples.

We are guudang.ngaay k'iina (happy) that you are all safe at home and doing your part to protect yourselves and your loved ones, especially for your chinaay Grandfather, naangalang Grandmother, x̱aadg̱a father, and awaay mother, during this COVID-19 pandemic. We understand that transitioning into the academic year with COVID_19 responses can be stressful and overwhelming. Please know that we are here for you and with you. We want to keep encouraging you to stay vigilant with hand washing, wearing a mask when you can, and keeping your distance. We have seen new COVID cases develop here in the North. We are keeping you, your family, and friends in our hearts. We especially want to express our concern and prayers for our Nisga'a friends in the Nass Valley during this time.

We hope you had a great summer filled with liquid sunshine! These months are all about abundance - of course, in foods - but also abundance in energy as you get ready for the new semester. Now is the time to reflect, take a breathe, and prepare for a seasonal transition. We are grateful that this year hasn’t had any forest fires, however we still feel that our harvesting seasons need more prayers. If and when you do go out to harvest in the remainder of the fall season, please be more aware than ever of keeping germs (and bears!) at bay with the continued rise of COVID-19 cases in BC and abroad. Please keep your families safe and well.

We hope you find something to connect with and that you do things this month that make you feel balanced in your mind, body, spirit, and soul.

Enjoy, Take care, and Stay Safe!

Jillian Stephens, Terrace jstephens@coastmountaincollege.ca

Veronica Waechter, Terrace vwaechter@coastmountaincollege.ca

Sharon Oskey, Prince Rupert soskey@coastmountaincollege.ca

Kellie Nyce, Hazelton knyce@coastmountaincollege.ca

Katie Humphrey, Smithers khumphrey@coastmountaincollege.ca

Left to right: Veronica Waechter, Jillian Stephens, Kellie Nyce, Katie Humphrey & Sharon Oskey

Upcoming Events

T'ooyaksiy niin, Freda Diesing Alumnus Kari Morgan, for donating this beautiful design!

Orange Shirt Day is coming up on September 30th! Make sure to like the CMTN Facebook Page to stay up to date with these events at the end of the month:

  • September 30th: Orange Shirt Day and Indian Residential School History virtual presentations with Indian Residential School Survivors Society; Support will be on hand
  • October 1-6th: Brown Bag Lunch virtual presentations with Phyllis Webstad, IRS Survivor and Author of the Orange Shirt book

Shirts will be available for students! We will be releasing a social media post when they are ready for First Come, First Serve!

What Would Naangalang Do?

Naangalang is so happy that you have been staying daagwiiyah strong over the last few months! She still wants you to Hiidag̱an hla ḵ'awuu sit still and Damxan hla agan king guu look after yourself.

We challenge you to practice these Hlg̱aagilda X̱aayda Kil words at home! Haawa to our Haida friends for sharing parts of their language with us.

Chinaay Grandfather

Naangalang Grandmothers

Hltaaxwii Friend or relative

g̱aax̱a Children

Dii nang Dear one

Yang gwa? Really?

Gassin tl’aaw Why?

Daagwiiyah Strong

Yahguudang Respect

K'uuga Love

Gaaxiiyuu Care

Haawa Thank you

Guudang.ngaay ‘laa ga Feeling well/good/happy

Dii guudang.ngaay 'laa ga, dan hll ḵings g̱aaganah I am happy because I get to see you

We have much gratitude for FirstVoices.com, who house a great resource for many Indigenous languages in British Columbia and beyond! Find more Hlgaagilda Xaayda Kil HERE!

The Haida People have also archived many parts of their language on the Hlgaagilda Xaayda Kil App! You can find this app in the Apple App Store or through Google Play!

Image sourced from Apple App Store

Check out this beautiful trailer of SGAAWAAY K’UUNA (Edge of the Knife, 2018), the first ever feature-length film made in the Haida Language. This movie is based on Haida Gwaii in the 1800's. At a seasonal fishing camp, two families endure conflict between the nobleman Adiits'ii and his best friend Kwa. After Adiits'ii causes the accidental death of Kwa's son, he flees into the rainforest, descending into madness.

Artist Spotlight: Ben Davidson

We want to honour a talented Haida artist who recently passed, Ben Davidson. He has contributed greatly to contemporary Haida art, and has inspired many.

Find more of his artwork on his art gallery website: www.allaboutuarts.ca (Image source)

"Can" you believe?!

...that many things can be canned at home? Including Sea Asparagus! Check out this recipe that local Haida member, Melody Morrison, shared with us. Haawa, Melody!

Pictures courtesy of Melody Morrison

A message from Melody:

My Name is Melody Morrison. Haida Names passed to me from my Grandmother is “Giit Kungee” (Haida Moonchild) and from my Aunty Joan, “Stlakuum Jaadaas” Haida Butterfly Woman. I am from the Saangalth Staastas Clan, Kiusta Village. Eagle is my Crest, along with Skulpin, Butterfly, Beaver, Frog and Cumulus Cloud. My recipe to can Sea Asparagus is:

In May/June - at low tide - bring a bowl and scissors to the Sangan Riverside.

  • Snip the asparagus in handfuls, cutting with the scissor. After you clean it if [there is] grass, wash it well.
  • [Use] Sterilized pint canning jars;
  • Fill [jars] with asparagus: I leave room to add fresh ginger, garlic, dill, and red pepper. Add a chili pepper to some for heat.
  • Bring to a boil; [use] half and half water and vinegar with pickling spice in a cheesecloth.
  • Remove the cheesecloth and pour liquid into jars.
  • Clean the rim then place lids and rings on.
  • Bring to a boil for 20 minutes.

Are you interested in learning more about traditional food and harvesting? Learn more with First Nations Health Authority and read their fact sheet with brief information about the Northwest goodness.

Jar n' Chill

While your sea asparagus is sealing, check out these fun activities for yourself and to do with your family!

SGuuluu Jaad (Foam Woman) is a supernatural being with many oral traditions told within the Haida Nation. Watch this uncovered documentary from Urban Rez Productions Inc about SGuuluu Jaad. There has been a variety of oral traditions shown in contemporary art from Terri-lynn Williams Davidson. Check out her digital art exhibit, Out of Concealment: Female Supernatural Beings of Haida Gwaii.

What kinds of oral traditions have you been told? As we transition into a new season, take some time to reflect on the knowledge being shared from time immemorial.

Indigenous in Media

Terri-lynn Williams-Davidson is also a musician! She recently released an album through Raven Calling Productions whom presents: Grizzly Bear Town.

Jason Camp & The Posers consists of two Haida men: SG_aan Kwah.Agang (James McGuire) on vocals and guitar, and Jaahljuu (Graham Richard) on drums. While their music covers conventional topics like mischief, love and heartbreak, the duo also touch on local folklore and incorporate traditional Haida dance into their recordings and live shows. They’re also founding members of a music cooperative designed to pool resources and experience to record, film and produce local artists.

Be sure to check out their newest album, First Contact!

FREE bookRed: A Haida Manga (2014) by Michael Nicoll Yahgulanaas references a classic Haida oral narrative, this stunning full-colour graphic novel documents the tragic story of a leader so blinded by revenge that he leads his community to the brink of war and destruction. Consisting of 108 pages of hand-painted illustrations, Red is a groundbreaking mix of Haida imagery and Japanese manga.

Red is the prideful leader of a small village in the islands off the northwest coast of British Columbia. His sister was abducted years ago by a band of raiders. When news comes that she has been spotted in a nearby village, Red sets out to rescue his sister and exact revenge on her captors. Tragic and timeless, it is reminiscent of such classic stories as Oedipus Rex and Macbeth. Red is an action-packed and dazzling graphic novel that is also a cautionary tale about the devastating effects of rage and retribution. Available through the CMTN Library

Photo Courtesy of CMTN Library

Your weekly meme

Meme captured from Facebook

Self-Care is Essential

Did you try decolonizing your yoga practice from last month? Try out this great Pow Wow Yoga video shared from Acosia Red Elk on Youtube!

Read this article on How to Decolonize your Yoga Practice and find more articles like this at Decolonizing Yoga.

"By really engaging the full, whole and multifaceted face of yoga we not only liberate ourselves but we may just overthrow this second colonization of yoga, freeing ourselves as well as the yoga practitioners of the future to experience the full, liberating, authentic and true practice of yoga. We allow our own practice to grow and our gifts to really shine." Susanna Barkataki

Don't forget about Wellness Bingo! The second card is still available and so is the prize! Contact your local FNAC for a card and work on getting the BINGO! If you are the first to get a bingo, you could win $50 for the campus store!

Photo Courtesy of Coast Mountain College

Welcome to the new academic year Sep 2020 – Apr 2021! This year is offered through distributed learning. Courses online for students anywhere! Plan to stay in your home community, there is no need to attend a campus location with our many online courses.

Find more information HERE on our website or you can connect through info@coastmountaincollege.ca or 1.877.277.2288. If you are needing assistance with MyCMTN or Brightspace, please contact the above email or phone.

Student support

Golnoosh Namazi, Organiser for the Coast Mountain Students’ Union, is here to support students with events, services, and advocacy. If you’re having trouble understanding your rights as a student, navigating through school procedures and policies, or engaging in campus life, the Students’ Union is here to support you. We want to hear from you! To learn more about what we’re here for or just to say hello, email us at organiser@mycmsu.ca or visit our website: mycmsu.ca

Students' Union Elections for 2020/2021 is opening soon on September 11! If you are interested in becoming a Student Representative or part of the CMSU Board of Directors, contact Golnoosh for the fillable, electronic nomination forms. You can nominate yourself or a peer on the ballot on Election Day (no supporting signatures needed!).

Are you facing challenges with lack of equipment or support? Contact your local FNAC and ask about the Indigenous Wellness Assistance Fund and the Lending Library.

Wondering about bursaries? Check out the CMTN FInancial Aid page to find out more about upcoming awards and bursaries. There are over 35 bursaries and awards that are open for applications right now. Make sure to apply before deadline: October 30th. Bursaries like: Alma Van Dusen Bursary, Dr. Jacob McKay Award, and more! Contact your local FNAC for more information!

Are you interested in tutoring? The FNACs want to hear from you! We are calling for interest for any tutors who may be interested in peer-to-peer tutoring for the 2020 Fall semester. This will be a paid position based on hours provided. Contact your local FNAC if you're interested!

Want to hear more from your peers? BCcampus is hosted an Indigenous Speaker Series on July 15th about the importance of land acknowledgements, specifically from the viewpoints of students at BC Post-Secondary institutions. Including one of our own CMTN students, Lynzee West! Watch the recorded session HERE!

Mental Health Check-in

Are you needing support in Haida Gwaii? Check out this local Community Program and important contact information for emergencies:

  • 2520 Harrison Avenue, Masset, BC V0T 1M0
  • Hours of Operation: M-F, 8:30am - 4:45pm
  • Phone: 250-626-4725/ Fax: 250-626-4725
  • After Hours or Emergency, please call Haida Gwaii Hospital: 260-626-4711
  • Masset Hospital: 250-626-4700
  • RCMP: 250-626-3991

The Mental Health & Substance Use community programs offer services that include a combination of functions with interprofessional teams. Youth addictions counselling and referral, elderly services counselling, early psychosis, vocational and recreation rehabilitation is also available at most community mental health & substance use programs.

Community programs provide assessment, treatment and referrals for adults with mental health and/or substance use problems. Services include:

  • Trauma-informed counselling and interventions
  • Collaborative care planning and medication management
  • Psycho-educational groups
  • Care coordination with the primary health care team and outreach psychiatry
  • Assessment for mental health and substance use issues
  • Advocacy and referral services to outside agencies
  • Life skills support and training

Foundry BC is now offering virtual drop-in counselling for young people ages 12-24 and their families. To access this service, call 1-833-FØUNDRY (yes, that’s FØUNDRY with a zero! or 1-833-308-6379) to book an appointment. Sessions available through chat, voice-only calls or video calls.

Here2Talk connects students with mental health support when they need it. Through this program, all students currently registered in a B.C. post-secondary institution have access to FREE, confidential counselling and community referral services, conveniently available 24/7 via app, phone and web.

The Keep Me Safe program is available 24/7 through multiple formats (call, chat, email and videoconference) for you! Go to coastmountaincollege.ca/counselling for more info.

Other resources you can reach out to:

Youth Online Chat at crisis-centre.ca or text 250.564.8336 or call 1.888.564.8336. A confidential, anonymous peer support service operated by trained youth answering calls from other youth. Available 24/7.

Northern BC Crisis Line A safe, confidential and non-judgmental crisis line to discuss anything troubling you available 24/7. Call 1.888.562.1214.

BC Suicide Line 1.800.SUICIDE or 1.800.784.2433. If you are considering suicide or are concerned about someone who may, please call! Available 24/7.

The Indian Residential Schools Crisis Line is available 24-hours a day for anyone experiencing pain or distress as a result of their Residential school experience. Call 1.866.925.4419.

COVID-19 updates & FAQs

At Coast Mountain College we monitor the COVID-19 situation very closely and are guided by the Provincial Health Officer as we work with the Ministry of Advanced Education, Skills and Training. For updates and FAQs please visit our website here.

Visit canada.ca/coronavirus for more information.

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