The Transportable Chair By: Taliyah, Abby v, Kaylee, Celeste

New York City is a big crowded island. It consists of many stores, building, and mulitple ways of transportation. One major health condition is the air pollution. The pollution causes a majority of the health issues in NYC.
The benefits that come from our product is obviously to be able to walk when you have injured yourself. It will be able to transistion into a bench so if they have to walk a long distance they make it into a bench once they get tired.
New York has a high population of over 2.8 million people, with that beating said over 3.4 million people brake or sprain some kind of limb about 1/2 of the time it is a leg furthermore needing a crutch is a incovinence especially when you need to walk in a big city with no way to rest, that is the reason we have created the Transportable chair.
So there are many health conditions in the world such as heart problems, air pollution, and/or when you hurt one of their bones in their body. So you will probably need a wheelchair or some kind of crutches to help you get around somewhere. We are really concerned about the population and how they will get around places with all these health conditions and considering that New York is a big city.
Scatter plots are used to plot data. You can use this when you're trying to see if something has increased or decreased overtime. One example could be you using one to plot the data of each broken bone a year.
Our purpose for our product is to withold a smart innovation and creation within regular "crutches" and evaluate them to help injured people be able to relax and sit especially if they have some sort of breath or heart problem such as Cronary artery diesease which is a heart condition.


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