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I’ll be comparing the immigrant problem in the U.S. due to the recent travel ban and the U.K.’s Brexit. Both imminent threats to the lives of millions who came for safety and shelter from conflicts in their home countries and those who visas but were effected due to sudden policy changes.

Throughout Mid June of 2016 to this day, many migrants have been greatly effected by the changes brought by President Donald Trump’s travel ban and to the commencement of Brexit…

A referendum – a voting in which everyone (close to everyone) of voting age can take part – was held on June 23rd of 2016 to decide whether or not the U.K. was stay or leave in the European Union (EU). Leave ended up winning by 51.9% to 49.1%. the referendum was 71.8% with more than 30 million people voting.

How long will it take for Britain to leave the EU?

Once article 50 – article 50 is a plan for any country that wishes to leave the EU. It was created as part of the Treaty of Lisbon, an agreement signed by all EU which became law in 2009, it is a mechanism for any country to leave the EU - is initiated the U.K. has two years to negotiate withdrawal with the EU, but no one knows how the process works as the article was only created in 2009 and it has never been used… some estimate it will take 6 years for the U.K to completely complete negotiations.

What happens to EU citizens living in the U.K.?

The government hasn’t given a solid plan/guarantee about the status of EU citizens living in the U.K., saying its not possible without a reciprocal pledge from other EU members about the millions of British citizens living in different areas of Europe. EU citizens who have lived in the U.K. for over 5 years should not be effected by the new policy change.

What happens to U.K. citizens working in the EU?

Again, a lot depends on the negotiation plan the U.K. makes with the EU, if the governments opted to impose work permit restrictions on EU citizens, then other countries could reciprocate, meaning Britons would have to apply for visas to work overseas.

What happens to Immigration?

PM Theresa May has stated that one of the main concerns from the leave vote is that the British want to see a cut in immigration. She has stated that it will be a focus on the negotiations with the EU. She has stated she hopes to get a “sustainable” level in immigration which she defined as less then 100,000 a year.

In the year to September, net migration was 273,000 a year… in which 165,000 were EU citizens, 164,000 were from outside the EU, and had a 56,000 outflow of U.K. citizens.

Over in the U.S., there has been two new policies restricting certain countries and citizens from entering. Though the recent.. updated policy is more understandable, it is still controversial.

Following Trump’s election on the 20th of January, he hasn’t been afraid to make changes. He issued out a travel ban just weeks into his presidency. Although his original policy was shut down, due to serious allegation, he rewrote a new one that would still effect many.

How does it effect immigrants already living in the U.S.?

Muhamad Alhaj Moustafa is a trainee doctor at a hospital in Washington, D.C., he was born and raised in Aleppo and left Syria when the civil war started. He is in the U.S. on a cultural exchange visa as well as his wife who had visited her family in Qatar. She arrived back in the U.S., while she was on the airplane, Trump signed the order into play, due to her Syrian passport, she was sent back after a few hours. Moustafa is devastated and is wishing the return of his wife as fast as possible, also stating that the crowds in Dulles gave him hope.

What will happen to immigration?

The ban blocks citizens from six predominantly Muslim countries from entering the U.S. Originally blocked by the federal appeals court. The revised ban imposes a 90 day ban on travelers but removed Iraq from the original 6 countries. It also frees residents and visa holders, and removes language offering preferential status to persecuted religious minorities, a provision widely interpreted as favoring other religious groups over Muslims. The permanent ban on Syria was replaced by a 120 day freeze which requires review and renewal. The number of immigrants entering the U.S was cut to 50,000 from the original 110,000. The sudden order left many stranded at airports overseas as well as in the U.S. which sparked protests all over the country.


Trump’s campaign is similar to that of the pro-brexit side, they are both centred around fueling those who felt left behind by globalization, those angry about immigration and loss of national stature. While Hilary had a similar case to the anti-brexit side, emphasizing on the horrors of the outcome if the other side were to win and urging voters to not divide.

Trump’s victory would be far more dramatic than if Brexit occurred, as it would’ve defied early polls and early voting data while Brexit was a more stable vote as it turned out to be 52-to-48 win for pro-brexit.

While “the political comparison is apropos (appropriate), the electoral comparison is not.” Says Marcus Roberts, director of international projects for the polling firm in YouGov.

When such grand political moves are made without much anticipation the fall of currency in the region is expected, and the fall of the global stock markets in the following weeks.

One of the greatest parallels between Brexit and Trump is the amount of people both brought out as some have never voted.

Both sides have plenty of supporters too frightened or ashamed to go out to publically support their choices says Newt Gingrich.

One difference between pro-brexit and trump is that pro-brexit had the support of media, the media campaigned for the “leave” while trump always had a rough relationship with the media constantly calling them out for creating conspiracy news on him.

One reason why Brexit passed was that it was always a respectable opinion to hold, even to those who didn’t agree. Trump stands for a lot of values that are often looked down upon in modern society such as misogyny and xenophobia in a way that Brexit did not.

This was my analysis of the similarities and differences between the effect Brexit will have on immigrants against the effect President Donald Trump's travel ban will have on immigrants.

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