Number the stars✨ By:bethanie❤️

The main idea of the story number the stars is to be care full what your doing and be nice to who ever is around you. Also watch out to who you run into even if they seem scary just because e braved but take care.Also there mom wants them to hide there faces from the siolders and why they don't really want them here. They want the siolders to go away to there families and how much danger to here is out there. And never come back cause a lot of people are scared of them.😢
For chapter 1
The main idea of chapter two is about Annemarie telling a story about a queen and king . Also were the nazi siolders are located and were they are not . They were also talking about when there older sister died and how mostly every thing had sort of changed during her death. She also was sad cuase of what happened. And she never got to see her.
The main idea of chapter 3 is about siolders the German are closing store with peopl that are Jewish and own those stores. Also, Annmarie was excited to see Peter during the siolders and why they were closing down the stores with Jewish people. People were curious what they were doing to them . Why did they have to go Annmarie just wanted to know?
The main idea for chapter 4 is that Ellen has to hide and so do her parants from the siolders. and the Jewish are being taken and located to a different they had to hide to get away and keep safe . So that they would not get cought helping there friends.
The main idea of chapter 5 is about Weather the siolders are going to take her. Also the siolders came and they were trying to get tHe soldire away and lye to them and they did and it worked. So they can get out oF danger. So they could keep There friends Safe.
For chapter 5
For chapter six
The main idea of chapter 6 is about taking Ellen somewhere safe to Annmarie uncles house. And keeping her safe ? To get her back to her family. And make sure that she can have her family back. So they could meet again and wont be located to a diFferent place.
The main idea of chapter 7 is about hiding and not making any contact with any out siders .aLso keep safe well Annmarie and Ellen are out side. Thry Have to stay hidden anD keep all And every one safe. They need to keep a look out from the soLdiers .
For chapter 7
The main idea for Chapter 9 is about ANNMARIE trying to find out what the lye that her mom and her uncle were keeping to them selfs.And not telling her. And the lye was about the siolders .and made up a name for the siolders wich is great aunt birte. To not gt them scared.
😱 chapter 10 let us open the casket.
The main idea for chapter 10 is about ellens parants came back and the were pertaning to Be in a funeral.And then the siolders came And were mean but the siolders left. And the were not that scared no more. Also they made it seem like there aunt actually had died and made it seem real. Like if they were sad 😭.
The main idea of chapter 11 is about the people and couple going and traveling on a boat. Also they are heading to Sweden 🇸🇪 to get out of danger and be free from the siolders. The soldire aRe garding thEm so they want to leave so the wont have to go . And live somewhere als.
Where is mama? 11
The main idea of chapter 12 is about Annmarie is home alone and she looks out the windows and find her mother laying on the ground. Annmamarie also needs to help her to get clean. And make sure that she ok and nothing happened when she was walking or running the wood.
The main idea of chapter 13 is about Annmarie trying to get the packet back to peter. Also she has to try not to get stopped by a soldier. This packet is really important for Mr.Rosen. She also had broken her ankle. She had to go to the docks .
The main idea for chapter 14 is about Annmarie needs to stay hidden and is trying not to get caught. She is running and is coution about her surroundings and then she got spotted by the soldier . Wich got her scared. Annmarie got anxious about what could happen. To her and her friends.
The main idea of chapter 15 is was about getting the white packet to her uncle. Also trying to act like her little sister. Not getting cought running with the white packet in the basket and food was the reason for being scared. Annmarie was supposed to act like a little girl as her, mother told her.
The main idea for chapter 16 is about Annmarie finding out what was the white packet all about. Also milking the cow . And teaching Annmarie how to milk a cow properly. Uncle Henrik was telling Annmarie why she was important to them . And how much she really helped with getting her friends safe.
The main idea for chapter 17 is about when will Annmarie get to see the rose s again. Also when are they safe again. To go back out and enjoy the outside again. To play with her friends . And keeping safe.

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