12th Grade Health 2016- 2017

Course Description

This course is aimed to improve overall health literacy and prepare students with the resources to achieve lifelong health and wellness. This course is based off both district and state curriculum requirements for 12th Grade Health Education and is aligned with State and National Health Education Standards. Students will learn functional health knowledge about the reproductive system, heredity and genetics, prenatal care, pregnancy and growth and development. Through this course students will demonstrate health-related skills that address social pressure and influences, help build personal and social competency and self-efficacy. Students will analyze group norms and develop personal beliefs to improve health literacy. Learning in this class will be skill-based and students will actively participate in group/partner work, projects, whole class and group discussions, individual research and peer and self reflection.

Course Overview

  • Class Meeting- Monday-Friday Block 2
  • Class Location- Room 122
  • Office Hours- RM 122 Monday-Friday 2:30- 3:00
  • Email- s0933782@monmouth.edu

Course Policy

Health education is a requirement in the State of New Jersey in order to pass each grade. This health class will be a respectful environment where all students will feel comfortable in participation, answering and asking questions. Students must come prepared each day with a notebook, folder and pen or pencil. Students are expected to abide by all school policies.

Class Materials

  • *Required* Google Classroom Code
  • Provided: Glencoe, Health and Wellness, Grade 12


In order to pass 12th grade health, attendance is mandatory. Attendance will be taken immediately upon entering the classroom. Students who miss class must ask a classmate to copy any notes taken on the day missed and must ask the teacher for any missed assignments. It is the students’ responsibility to complete and hand in any missed homework or classwork two days following their return of their absence. Students who are late require a signed pass from a teacher. Being late without a pass will result in an automatic detention.

Late/ Missing Assignments

Students who missed class must complete and hand in assignments two school day’s after returning from being absent or missing class. If a student knows he or she will be missing one or more classes that student may ask for homework and in class assignments in advance in order to stay on track with the rest of the class. Exams are to be rescheduled with the teacher in respects to the best time for both the student and teacher for the exam to be completed. All notes and homework assignments are available on school wire/ classroom.

Class Participation

All students are to stay on topic and actively participate in class discussions. Students who disrupt class will receive no participation for that day’s class, as they are taking away from other students potential for learning. Participation is key to foster thoughts, conversation and new discoveries. Participation Rubric is available on Google Classroom.

Academic Integrity

Plagiarism and cheating in any form is not acceptable and will result in an automatic 0. Academic Dishonesty will result in further consequence determined by the principal and vice principal in accordance to the student breaking the student code of conduct/ handbook.

Grading Break Down

Minor Assessments 50%

  • Homework 25%
  • Classwork 25%

Major Assessments

  • Projects 25%
  • Tests 25%

All rubrics for assignments are available on Google Classroom.

Course Schedule

*Note: Schedule is Tentative to Change*

Major Assessment 1- Brochure - Due 3/10

Create a brochure for expecting mothers about the complications that may arise during pregnancy and what they should expect during labor. Be creative. Through this lesson students will be able to compare and contrast the stages of labor and describe complications that may arise during a pregnancy. This assignment focuses on New Jersey Standard 2.4.12.C.2 and National Health Education Standard 3. This brochure should include

  • What complications may occur during pregnancy
  • Miscarriage
  • Stillbirth
  • Ectopic Pregnancy
  • Hypertension, Eclampsia & Preeclampsia
  • What are the stages of labor?
  • What occurs in each stage of labor?
  • How can a woman cope with each stage of labor?
  • What complications may arise during the process of giving birth?
  • Include any other important information regarding complications and the stages of labor.

Major Assessment 2- Pregnancy Calendar Due 3/31/17

Using Microsoft Publisher you will be creating a calendar representing what occurs during each month of pregnancy for the mother, the baby and the doctors appointments. The calendar must be color coded: all information for the mother must be one color, all information for the baby must be one color and all information for the doctors appointments must be one color. Each month should include details about what will be occurring during the that time of the pregnancy. The calendar should be mostly filled. The calendar will be 10 months long: 9 months of pregnancy and the following month upon the babies delivery. Through this lesson students will be able to determine key components that occur to the embryo/fetus and mother during each trimester of pregnancy. This assignment focuses on New Jersey Standard 2.4.12.C.1 & 2.4.12.C.2 and National Health Education Standard 3. An example calendar can be found on school wires.


Please see me or email me if there is a concern with any accommodations necessary including but not limited to: learning disabilities, religious practices, medical needs, physical limitations or any other reason not listed.


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