Social Media Among Teens

Facebook is an app that came out on February 4th 2004. In 2012 Facebook reached a market capitalization of $104 billion and just continued to strive as years went on. In 2015 Facebook was the fastest app to reach $205 billion in Standard & Poor's 500 index. Now looking at 2016 and why Facebook is a huge contribution to it, Facebook was the most popular social networking site in April based on the number of active users. From Facebook spawned the messenger app in 2016 as well as the 360-degree photo option and another tool called Workplace. Workplace was designed to connect everyone in the workplace. These small things that Facebook did organized a lot of attention back to Facebook and made it even more popular. On the teenager spectrum, Facebook had appealed to so many of them. Unfortunately Facebook is not as popular as it used to be but it is still very high on the social media scale for 2016.

Instagram first came out in 2010 and is now very popular. Facebook eventually bought Instagram for about $1 Billion in cash stock. Then in 2013 Instagram grew by 20% while Facebook only grew by 3%. How did Instagram make an impact on 2016? Well Instagram introduced some new things to the app in 2016 which included new tools, Instagram events, and video. There are also 500 million monthly active Instagram users and 300 million daily active users as of 6/21/2016. According to a website 66% of teens are using Instagram as of February 2016.

Twitter is an app that is also widely used in the teenage community. Twitter was released July 2006. It then became very popular by 2012. As of March 2016 Twitter had more than 310 million monthly active users. Unfortunately in 2016 the use of twitter slowed down a bit but is still very popular. During the 2016 election the use of twitter skyrocketed.

The last app I choose to do is Snapchat. I personally use snapchat daily. As a teenager I can honestly say that almost everyone of my friends who are also teenagers have and use snapchat. In May 2016 Snapchat raised 1.81 billion in equity. In a survey on April 2016 from 6,500 US teenagers, 27% said that Instagram was the most important service but 28% said that snapchat was. Looking in previous years Instagram was voted by 32% and last fall was 33% while snapchat was voted by about 13-19%. This survey was taken for the ages of 14-19. Facebook tried to buy snapchat but snapchat declined and is very successful.


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