Know your Cuts! Popular cuts from the chuck and the rib

By Kari Underly

A butcher cuts a carcass of beef into two sides. Each side is broken into a forequarter and a hindquarter, which are then cut into seven more manageable primals which contain large bones, muscles, connective tissue and fat. The beef primals include the chuck, which represents approximately 29% of the carcass, the rib primal (9%), the loin/sirloin (16%), and the round (22%). The remaining primals, the shank/brisket, plate and flank represent 19% of the carcass.

These primals are processed into smaller more manageable portions called subprimals, which are exported all over the world so everyone can enjoy the great taste of American beef that people crave. Subprimals are then cut and merchandised into retail cuts.

Two major subprimals from the forequarter: Boneless beef chuck roll (from the chuck primal) & Bone-in beef rib, export (from the rib primal)

Popular grilling cuts from the chuck primal are the flat iron steak, Denver cut, chuckeye steak, and the shoulder petite tender medallions.

Flat Iron steak, Denver cut, Chuck Eye steak, and Petite Tender medallions

Flat Iron Steak

Denver Cut

Chuck Eye Steak

Shoulder Petite Tender Medallions

Popular steaks from the rib primal are the tomahawk chop, which contains a very long rib bone, cowboy cut, which is cut 2 inches thick with a frenched bone, rib steak, ribeye steak, and of course my favorites, the ribeye cap, and ribeye filet.

Rib steak, Ribeye filet, and Ribeye Cap steak

Rib Steak

Ribeye Filet

Ribeye Cap Steak

And the best burger you'll ever have will be ground from the chuck.

Ground Chuck and Ground Chuck Patties

Ground Chuck

Ground Chuck Patties

It’s grilling time somewhere! Visit your local butcher, gather some friends, and try some of my favorite cuts!

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