Pewter jewellery By nathan melvin

My pewter jewellery was made with various steps. The first step was creating the design in 2d design. Then we laser engraved the design onto the mdf which was used as a cast for the metal. We then melted the pewter and poured it into the mdf cast. This was done to create the jewellery. I then had to remove wood from the front of the pewter the cut off the sprew. I did this by putting my pewter jewellery design in a small tub of water and leaving it overnight to soak out all of the water unfortunately at this stage my pewter jewellery was stolen, as it was left on the side near the sink to soak out all of the wood, meaning I could not progress on to the steps of sanding my jewellery and making it look shiny. I also do not have any pictures of my pewter jewellery. If I did this again I would keep the same design as I thought it was complex and if finished it would probably get a high level. Also I would follow the same steps up until removing the wood as last time wood got stuck in the front of the design meaning I had to spend two lessons removing it. I would also try to keep my jewellery safe by keeping it by the teachers desk in the water.

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