Coach V's Cottage MUSkan SAxena

To begin with the project, I thought how the layout would look like for this cottage. I first decided the dimensions of the structure which is 10m by 8m. Then, I drew the layout from birds eye view. Afterwards, I imagined how the front and side would look like and drew them accordingly.

This is my Birds eye view
This is the front
This is the right side of the cottage

After completing the blueprints I had to make a 3D version of the cottage. Using Tinkercad, I made the back, front, left side, right side, the inside and the windows for the cottage. In addition, I made the roof by a triangular prism.

The cottage on Tinkercad
These are the 2 sides, front, back, top and roof

Now, the cost and calculations. In this project, we need to calculate the surface area of the exterior walls (front, back, left side, right side) the area of the rooftop, and the volume of the home in order to find the cost of paint, shingles, and heating.

These are the area calculations.
These are the cost calculaitons

Finally, Coach V would need to pay a total of 1770 euros. This includes, 60 euros for the exterior wall paint, 270 euros for the roof and 1440 euros for 3 months of heating during the cold winter in Canada. This is a fair amount for a place that will be with Coach V and his family forever will have lots and lots of unforgettable memories!!! :-)

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