photographers by:marissa

salary :31,710 USD. Average Photographer Yearly Salary in the United States. Photographers earn a median salary of $31,710 per year. Salaries typically start from $18,850 and go up to $72,200. Learn more about the Photographer job market for salaries of real jobs in your area.

about it:A photographer records events and tells stories using images. He or she takes pictures of people, places, events and objects. Photographers often specialize in a type of photography. Portrait photographers take pictures of people in studios or at weddings or other events

classes to take :Photography Techniques,Artistry,Managing a Business,and Journalism and Communications

UGA cost: for Georgia residential it's $26,208 per year, and for out side of state residential it's $45,128.

facts about UGA: founder was abraham baldwin, mascot is hairy dawg,The university is organized into seventeen schools and colleges,The university has three primary campuses, and The university was founded in 1785 as the United States' first state-chartered university and the birthplace of the American system of public higher education.

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