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Series: Grow

We are excited to begin Celebration 2020 this Sunday. As we join together for our celebration series, we look forward to celebrating the work God has done and will do in our communities. At Evergreen, our mission is to grow passionate followers of Jesus. We will be diving into Matthew 13, we will explore the ways that Jesus relates ministry to the steady, slow, and intentional practice of growing and caring for a seed, until it is ready for harvest.

Message: "Hometown Stumble" • Pastor Tom • Matthew 13:53-57

In the same way land becomes useless if it is not tilled, our souls become stale if we're not actively finding ways to live out the story of the gospel. Sure, it may be easy to sit back and consume Christian products and content, but how can we shift into a lifestyle where we are constantly considering how we can actively represent the things we consume on a regular basis?

Join us for church at 10AM on Zoom!

We are using the same link each week: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/86799658645

We will worship together, hear a message from Pastor Tom, celebrate baptism and have an opportunity for discussion afterwards. We encourage you to join before 10AM to ensure your connection. Please contact Pastor Jason (jason@egm.org) with any questions concerning Zoom!

Discussion groups are now happening after the service.

If you would like to stick around to participate, here are the questions we will be considering:

  1. How are you doing this week?
  2. Have you ever been surprised by or even skeptical of the achievements of someone from your past?
  3. What part of Jesus’ ministry did the hometown folks find the most difficult to stomach? What parts of Jesus’ ministry do we find the most difficult today?
  4. What are some things that we can do to keep our faith vibrant and alive?

Can't make church at 10AM?

Welcome to our guided worship collection. In these links, you will find songs, scripture, and a message from current weeks, and also weeks past. All of this content will be matched up with the worship that we will be doing together on Sunday mornings. We understand that gathering together at a certain time, whether that be in person or on Zoom, isn't always realistic for everyone, but we also believe in the importance of participating in worship regularly and consistently. We hope that this provides a space for you to worship God regularly and consistently in the times we can't be gathered together.

Giving at Evergreen

Evergreen is working hard to continue to care well for our church and our community. Like many businesses, families, and organizations, the circumstances surrounding the COVID-19 virus put churches in a difficult financial situation. If you would like to give financially in the weeks in which we are unable to gather, you can do so by clicking this button:

4 Corners Offering

This series, we're partnering with Treetops Collective, an organization on mission to connect New American women with people and opportunities in their new communities. Treetops Collective is providing opportunities for refugee women to find their place in West Michigan, reclaim their identity, and build new relationships. You can learn more about Treetops Collective by clicking the button below.

Our 4 Corners Offering will happen through a bottle and pop can drive! If you have returnable bottles and cans piling up, save them and drop them off at Evergreen by Door 1. If you can't swing on by, let us know and we would be happy to pick them up. Please contact Laura Male (laura@egm.org) with any questions!

Evergreen Spotlight

For the last 6 weeks, our staff has been participating in Dignity Serves, a seminar presented by Love INC that aims to help participants understand the ways in which we consciously and subconsciously fail to treat communities with the dignity that they deserve. We believe every single person is a beloved child of God and that our sinful nature has led to things like racism, distaste for the poor, and perpetual self-interest. Through this course, we learned some active steps we can take to recalibrate ourselves back to seeing people with the eyes of Jesus, attributing deserved dignity to all people in all places from all walks of life. While we expect to continue to fall short of this expectation, we are excited to share and implement thoughts and ideas we've learned in order for us to better love, respect, and care for our communities.

Summer Arts Challenge

We’re excited to present our Vision 20/20 Summer Art Challenge! Beginning the week of June 15, there will be 8 weeks of creative prompts for our students and their families to dive into together. Each week there will be a visual arts prompt and a non-visual arts prompt. These prompts will include grade-level appropriate projects that students can engage with, links and resources to help students and families learn about whichever medium the prompt is about, and ways that students and their families can impact their neighborhoods and communities with that art and those skills! These classes are FREE and welcome to ALL AGES, so share the link with your friends. Click the link below to join this week's challenge. Classroom code is: g6amnxz.

Community Resources

Check out our Community Resource Guide below.

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Evergreen Conversations

Check out these Spotify podcasts by clicking the buttons below:

We're excited to invite you to the 9th annual Bridge to Life Recovery Golf Scramble on Saturday, July 11! We will be playing at The Meadows of GVSU. We look forward to a great day of golf and friendship, we would love to have you there with us! Registration information is available below. With any questions, feel free to get in touch with Tom @ tom@egm.org.

Sunday evening Recovery services, Bridge to Life groups, and 12-Step meetings at Evergreen are cancelled indefinitely. Click the buttons below if you need to be connected to a group. You can contact tom@egm.org any questions.

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