The importance of nutrition

The food choices you choose to eat affects your health on either a positive view point or a negative view point. If you choose the wrong foods it will lead you to feeling tired a lot of the time, feeling lazy and weight gain. Also it can become an addiction, and you get so use to it which can cause heart problems in the long run. But if you choose the right foods it will help you feel energized and live a more happy positive life.

Nutrition - the process by which your body takes in and uses food

Nutrients - substances in food that your body needs to grow, to repair itself, and to supply you with energy

Calorie - a unit of heat used to measure the energy your body uses and the energy it receives from food

Hunger - the natural physical drive to eat prompted by the body's need for food

Appetite - the physiological desire for food

Televisíon is a huge influence on food choices because it gets to people at a young age and so they then think of that stuff as comfort food so they continue to get it when they're older as adults

The four environmental influences for food are culture, time and money, advertisement, and friends. These influences have a huge impact on people's eating habits.

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