Nature Activity A nice break from the computer screen

Nature on display: hangin' out with flutterbyes

Visiting the butterfly exhibit is always a pleasure. The sanctuary is so peaceful and it is so nice to be in such close contact with so many insects at one time. It usually takes a lot of luck to see that many butterflies in a week, and I got to see them in 10 minutes. Below is proof that it really was me there... I feel so vain taking pictures of myself for these assignments so I tried to be sneaky.

Nature and Ethics

As you can read, these crystals can take thousands of years to grow. If humans are not ethical and responsible about how they handle nature, we will not have wonders like this to admire in the future. Our planet is a living organism that we are a part of, and it is always hard to see how badly humans exploit it.

Nature and the Human Spirit

This exhibit took me aback because of how it showed what life was like during all the different time periods. Our world has developed and changed so much to the point that each time period seems like a different planet. It is so crazy that I'm here in my little skin sack with bones in it on this giant rock that had all these weird critters and plants on it at some point. Why are we here? What is the point of all of this, of all these different phases? This exhibit made me feel very eerie, but in a refreshing way.

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