Hello classmates, Mr. Pederson, or anyone else who may be looking at my portfolio. Some of you may know me, but some of you may not... My name is Tiffany Burkey, I am a senior here at Junipero Serra High school and I am seventeen years old. I was born here in San Jose, California but I grew up a military kid until I was in the sixth grade, so finding a place to call home was very difficult. Growing up, I used photography as an outlet to try to connect with the areas where I lived. San Diego is a place where I can actually call home, since I have lived here the longest out of all the places we lived. I was always interested in landscape photography, taking pictures of the buildings and the ocean, and street photography, taking pictures of the signs on that street the interested me or various other things. This semester I found myself growing a passion for portrait photography, however I still enjoy landscape and street photography. The pictures displayed will show my hard work throughout this semester and the previous years of my experience with photography.
(Shallow Depth of Field)

Project Revisited- Depth of Field

The objective for this project was to go back and do a project that we had previously done in the past with Mr. Pederson or with another photography teacher. The photography teacher I had in my freshman year never did projects with us like this one, so I chose to upload pictures that I already had that I knew had a shallow depth of field. The two pictures above were the ones that stood out to me the most and I chose to show them to the class. Reflecting back, one thing I would have done differently is fix the focal point of the picture on the right and make sure that the pink flower was the only thing in focus, and not so much the purple flowers around it as well.

(Serra High School)

A Day in the Life

When shooting for this project I came across some complications with the lighting in some of the pictures I was taking. With the picture of the sewer grid, it was difficult to get the entire grid into the sunlight, but with the picture of the tree it was easy to keep it in the shade because it was taken on a relatively overcast day. The pictures shown represent the best shots because they both came out very clear, sharp, and in focus. I also chose these because when you look at them you cannot really tell that they were taken on the campus.

Spirit Poster Pictures


The story behind this picture was to display "Scholarship" by displaying the student wearing a SDSU sweatshirt. Wearing the sweatshirt shows that the student may have already been accepted to this particular college or is interested in attending their campus.


I chose to have the models pose as if one is showing the other a particular bone in the skeleton. This picture displays "Teamwork" because it shows that students working collaboratively to achieve greatness.

(Daina Angeles)

Classmate Portraits

When it comes to shooting portraits it is always important to take note of the weather and of the lighting situation, whether it be indoors or outdoors. Eye contact between the lens and the model can also make or break the photo, in certain shots. I chose to portray two different moods with both of these shots. The first one (left) being more of a dark tone, to contrast with the color of her clothing. The lighting in the background of the first on also creates an ombre effect as it gets darker from left to right. The second portrait (right) displays more of a brighter tone and the lighting helped to bring out the highlights in her hair, as well as some color in her eyes. The leaves in the back also help to have the color of her shirt pop and helps to lighten up the picture.

(Mr. & Mrs. Wood, and Gavin Eli)


During this project it was difficult for me to take pictures of things that really represented "home," so I just decided to shoot pictures of my family because they make the house feel like a home. My family and I were in the middle of moving houses so the new house did not really feel like a home yet, but I am glad to say that I will be able to call this house a "home" one day. I think a good "homework" assignment for the class would be to take pictures of completely "weird/odd things" that actually could mean a lot to the person. It gives the class an opportunity to take a deeper meaning into the picture that is being shown and to learn that photography is more than just the picture, but rather the story behind it.

Past/Present Work

(In order from past to present)

(Aulani Mitchell, Suspension Bridge)
(Central Park & Upper East Side)
(Balboa Park, San Diego)

My Year (First Half)

For this first semester I can see an improvement in my portrait photography and my communication with the models that I choose to take pictures of. Specifically with portrait photography, I am learning more with how to take control of the lighting during the shoot through the use of the reflectors and using the lighting set up in the classroom next door. As far as communication goes, I have learned that communication with the model can make them much more comfortable while you take pictures of them. At the City College event, I realized that talking to the model can help extract some of the true reaction from the models. For second semester, I want to get even better with the lighting and to actually take the time to edit/tweak some the the pictures I take to make them look that much better. To achieve these goals I will have to probably ask for some guidance when using the reflectors and to work at becoming pretty average at using photoshop.

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