1972 BMW 2002tii

Welcome to the blog, friends! Today we're highlighting this sweet little vintage bimmer! Before you ask, no, she's not for sale. She's been at the shop undergoing some royal treatment under Brandon's intensive care. Rocker panels were replaced, along with the spare tire well, and repairs were made to floor pans. The pedal box was rebuilt. She got an all new exhaust, along with a few other mechanical items. Now, I mentioned that rocker panels were replaced. This may sound simple enough. However, it was pretty complicated. Rusty parts are cut away and removed. Then you 4 more layers of rusty metal are encountered and need to be excavated. One option is to buy a huge replacement panel to cut to size as needed. We chose to make our own panels. Let's just say that this type of project is an extensive endeavor, and though we don't do this type of work everyday - as with servicing German vehicles like Audi, Mini, Volkswagen, Mercedes, and Porsche - we do take it on from time to time.

And today I want to focus on the story behind this 1972 BMW 2002tii. She was originally delivered to France, and has spent some time in Chicago. Her current owner lives in Cincinnati, and has had the car since his college days in the early '90s, purchasing it from an older German couple. After believing the car had been awarded to a higher bidder, he learned that he did, in fact, get the car! Although the couple was offered a much higher dollar amount by a well-off gentleman, they decided to sell the car to the college kid for the original asking price. And, well, the rest is history! Isn't she a beauty?

Scott, the owner, came to pick her up last Friday, along with his dad, who's also a car guy, just like his father was. And it so happens that Scott's birthday was this week. Happy belated Birthday, Scott! We hope you enjoyed a spirited ride in your beloved bimmer!

Scott recently contacted the German couple to let them know he still has the '02 and still loves it. The husband said to Scott, "We knew you were the right owner! It was a good car! Fast and comfortable!"

I don't know about you, but I do love a good story, and when it involves a car like this, it's even better! Thanks for tuning in this week, friends! We'll be celebrating our son Remington's 7th birthday! Happy Birthday, Remington!!! We love you!!! Have a great weekend!

Created By
Stephanie Stewart