Quick Q&A with BMX Flatland rider Matti Hemings

How old are you and where are you from? “I'm 30 years old and am from Brecon. But currently living near Bristol.”

And how did you first get into flatland BMX? “I first got into Flatland BMX after seeing it at a event at a young age, it really inspired me to take it and give it ago.”

Why flatland and not another discipline within bmx or cycling? “Why? It’s different in so many ways!”

Being from a small rural area in wales, what barriers did you come across when trying to progress in the sport? “Trying to find nice flatland spots when everything is on a slope in the small rural area in Wales!”

What motivated you to set up the uk flatland championships? “I was motivated to set up the UK Flatland BMX Championships due the lack of events in the UK. How the events were ran e.g Fair judging system towards the riders, venues with ideal floors to compete on. I also wanted to showcase the sport at high level events such as Cycle Show, Cycle Expo and many more as well as aiming to inspire more people to give it ago and giving the UK scene a better start than coming across someone in a car park spinning around.”

How many years have you been running it and what obstacles have you had to face along the way? “I've been running it for over 5 years now and thankfully haven't really come across any obstacles that have been to extreme.”

What have you learnt along the way? “How to balance life and make sure you make the most of it. Life's a gift make it count!”

What are your plans for the next few years? “Keep riding progression and enjoy life!”


Saskia Dugon

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