Engineering & Design Academy Preparing the next generation of advanced engineering industry experts

Learn how you can earn up to 18 college credits while you fulfill high school requirements.

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The Engineering & Design Academy is a full day hands-on program for seniors. Students can start as juniors in the Engineering & Design program or by meeting related pre-requisites at their home district. The junior and senior program is for those who enjoy working in teams to bring new ideas to life and gain the knowledge and background to work effectively in modern industries.

The Academy is located in the Lewis County Jefferson Community College Education Center in Lowville, NY.

How It All Happens

Jefferson Lewis BOCES is providing a career and technical program for 11th & 12th graders at the newly constructed Lewis County Jefferson Community College Education Center. Both academic and technical instruction will be provided by qualified staff from BOCES, and partner organizations. Dual credit, through in-person and both synchronous and asynchronous online delivery, will complement the hands-on portions of the program. Students learn by solving problems faced by manufacturers daily.

Lewis County Jefferson Community College Education Center - located at 7395 East Road, Lowville
The program builds on strong relationships with BOCES, local manufacturers, colleges and the component school districts.

Districts will cover tuition costs and provide transportation. There will be no cost to families for college credits. A few potential college classes offerings include American Government, English 101 and 102, a high level math, and several credits from engineering degree course of study.

Preparing for a Future

In the Engineering and Design Program students have the opportunity to earn college credits at no cost, while preparing for a future in advanced manufacturing and engineering.

This exciting program is designed to prepare technically oriented students for continuing education and/or employment in growing careers such as engineering, production technology, industrial maintenance, automation, robotics, industrial and commercial electronics, and computer aided drafting/design.

Students will gain professional, collaboration and communication skills, as well as technical skills that are most in demand by employers in today’s most exciting and creative fields.

When students complete the two years successfully, they will be on their way to an Associates degree (earning up to 21 credits) with no cost to students or families. They will be sought after by local manufacturers and ready to continue with their Associates or to apply to any other college of their choice.

Career Opportunities & Potential Salaries*

  • Draftsman - Median annual wage of $54,000
  • Machining - Median annual wage of $46,000
  • Engineering - Technician Median annual wage of $57,000
  • Mechanical Engineer - Median annual wage of $88,000
  • Industrial Engineer - Median annual wage of $87,000
  • Production Supervisor - Median annual wage of $56,000

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*New York State median. Based on information provided by NYS Department of Labor 2018

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