Your vision for Bridgeville Survey results

Residents of Bridgeville and the 19933 zip code were asked to share their vision for the town. These are the results . . .

Our community.

178 people answered the survey. 59% live in Bridgeville, and another 36% live within the Bridgeville zip code.

74% live in Heritage Shores.

Almost half of the respondents have lived here less than five years.
46% of the respondents are over 65.

What was most important to respondents, on a scale of 1 to 5?

  1. More retail and food-service opportunities along US 13 in Bridgeville - 4.34
  2. Quality housing choices should be available to all residents - including teachers, nurses, government employees, law enforcement personnel, and seniors - 4.31
  3. It's important that Bridgeville's central business district is vibrant, with opportunities for food, entertainment and shopping - 4.27
  4. I would like to see Bridgeville's historic homes and buildings preserved - 4.23
  5. There should be more recreational opportunities for all ages - 4.04
  6. Bridgeville should plan for growth so that it is easier to walk or bike and get around without a motor vehicle - 3.9
  7. There should be more opportunities for Bridgeville residents of all ages to have work in Bridgeville, either part time or full time - 3.81

When I think of Bridgeville, I think of (choose two) responses . . .

A "split" community and an "incomplete" community were the top responses.
It’s very sad, to me, that I had to select “A split community,” but it is what it is. Original Bridgeville residents dislike Heritage Shores and nothing will change their mind. I find it to be an “incomplete community” because we need to go elsewhere to shop for something other than groceries and prescriptions. The restaurant choices, although good, are very limited.

A word cloud from the open responses about Bridgeville:

What you said:

80% of those who responded would prefer to see Bridgeville fill in vacant lots and fix up historic properties rather than new single-family homes in new subdivisions.

. . . and 80% would prefer to see unique eating choices such as brewpubs and bistros rather than familiar chain and fast-food restaurants.

And you said a lot more!

Thanks for taking the survey!

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