Children in War How kids feel to be In ruin

Children during wartime usually are traumatized by the war and are broken in spirit during the war. Not only finances, adults, and the government are affected. The children who will bring the future of the nations are affected.

These kids are asking a man for some of the necessary things like food and water.

Some kids have to go through trash and rubble for anything edible or drinkable. Others usually have a casualty in their family. If their lucky, they have nothing indifferent about their life.

This is a Hitler Youth Poster

The Hitler youth is an example of kids going into an army. Some teens, like Yun Chan, get withdrawn from their families and go to war with other nations. These kids would also get trauma from the massive deaths they would see.

Usually, in place of their parents off to war, The children must work for the family budget to suffice and help get the daily needs of a family.

Because of war, Schools usually must get repaired or rebuilt. They really get demolished during war time. This makes it hard for kids to start off again because they probably forgot most of the things and probably have to get new supplies because they were destroyed in the war.

These citizens of Great Britain are protesting against war.

Usually we see adults having massive protests against stuff. Kids do these protests as well. Teens and young adults do this usually before war breaks out.


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