Lost Nuts "el cacahuate"

One day Peanut was hanging with his Band, The Lost Nuts.

The Lost Nuts Band: (from left to right) Hazel, Peanut, Wally, Chester and Rose (hiding her face).

Full of good stories and music, Peanut fell asleep under a new moon with a clear nights sky... something akin to magic.

When he woke up he did not know where he was. There was no campfire, the rest of The Lost Nuts were no where to be found.

"Dónde estoy!"

"Dónde estoy?" Peanuts shouted.

"Dónde estoy!"

Peanut looked around asking where he was but no seemed to understand him.

They stopped and stared.

It's brunch. What is all the noise about?
Hey, I'm a cute kitty.
I don't have time for this, I am drinking..

What's going on?

What is he being loud about?

I think he is hungry!

What?!?! I'm hungry!

No, I'm really hungry!

I'm hungrier!

Is it brunch time?

This dude is yelling about something.

Maybe if I stare at him he will notice and shut up for a split second.

I'm so soft and irresistible.

I'm Horse.

I was led to water.

They say you can lead a horse to water but you can't make him drink.

I'm not being made to do anything.

Peanut was startled that no one would answer him. He paused to look around. He panicked!

"El Cacahaute"

"El Cacahaute"

Peanut yelled his name as he ran around the small farm hoping his friends were nearby.

All the other animals were annoyed. Some even scared. They did not understand the crazy bird screaming crazy words. It was Sunday brunch and that was all they knew.

Edgar and Pearl just kept on eating.
Billy Goat said, "That's one crazy bird."
"Hola, El Cacahaute. Mi nombre es Bandito."

"That guy is so excited about brunch," said Pearl the Bull.

"Hey, I can't look up while I'm eating," said Edgar.

"Crazy bird," said Billy Goat

Hola, El Cacahaute.

Mi nombre es Bandit.

Peanut froze in his tracks. He had heard his name. He looked all around.

He had heard a hello and the comforting sounds of his name, El Cacahaute. He looked around....

More to follow.... testing format....

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