How We Express Ourselves PYP EXHIBITION

Week 1


An inquiry into the ways in which we express and discover our feelings, ideas, nature, culture, beliefs and values

The ways in which we reflect on, extend and enjoy our creativity

Our appreciation of the aesthetic

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6th grade Workshop

I learned a lot from their workshop but 3 of my top understandings/new learnings were that do't always go for your best friend choose a topic that YOU are passionate about and not your friends because you will be doing this for 9 weeks and you might get bored, Don't copy and paste your information because the teachers can scan your work and if you copy paste your information it's plagiarism. Have an online backup source to store your information because if the schools network is down you may lose all your information. network is down

Week 2

Town hall Meeting:

What I learned from the first town hall meeting that we had was that there might be a few challenges but you have to learn to overcome them. Also we watched 2 videos the first one was by Danny Mcaskill where he was doing really cool tricks on his bike and that video showed me that you have to be committed and hardworking, and the second one was called colours of reality where they were showing 2 dancers who looked animated at first but as the video continued they looked so much more realistic and how to express ouselves.

My 3 Interests

My 3 preferences were:

  1. Dance
  2. Music
  3. Photography

I chose dance because I think I am very passionate about it, I have been learning dance since I was 1 and performing since I was 2 ,and ever since it has been my major priority and passion.


Town Hall Meetting

Town Hall Meetings are where the whole grade comes together and discusses a few important things about the unit this Town Hall Meeting we watched 2 videos which were metaphors for our exhibition. The two videos were-

1. These bicycle tricks performed by Danny Macaskill. This video was so motivational and showed that you shouldn't give up on what you want to do. Also it showed me that you have to be committed no matter what you want to do.

2. A video called Colours Of Reality it was about these 2 dancers who seemed to be animated at first covered in paint and dancing but further into the video it became so much more realistic.

Acquisition of knowledge- I learned new words in different subjects areas for example in hip hop i learned a 6th step, knee lock for ballet i learned plotless ballet, neo-classical ballet and more types.

Comprehension- I summarised information about all my research in dance and in our reflections.

Application- I explored different options when I was researching and i had so many different sites such as kidrex, kiddle, destiny quest, brittanica, safesearch, mymunka, askkids...

Analysis- I identified relevant and irrelevant information about dance such as where it originated and what is that type of dance like ballet, jazz, rock and roll, modern dance and more.


Listening- I listened to and followed difficult instructions when I tried B-BOY even though I was a hip-hop/contemporary dancer it was hard at first but the more I learnt about it and the techniques it became much easier.

Speaking- I presented to a range of audiences when I was practicing my dance, I did it in front of my group and mentor. I was also giving suggestions about how to frame a sentence or speaking about some interesting facts I got from my research.

Reading- I understood main ideas from the text and that helped me paraphrase all my research.

Writing- I recorded information and observations in different ways when I put it in a doc, also I took the new techniques, like a 6th step and added it into my dance.

During unit time today I think I was a good risk-taker as I agreed to perform a dance for the exhibition I have never performed style hip-hop for the school before. That's why i think I was a good risk-taker.

Today was a good day for me I found a lot of information on my topic and wanted to find more and more about it I answered most of the questions in LOI 1 and finished preparing for my LOI 1 presentation and thats why I think I was a good inquirer.

We are working on LOI 2 we have completed our research on LOI 1

Through my research I have found out various dance styles like Jazz, Hip-Hop, the Haka, Rock and Roll, Ballet, Modern and more. Also I found out the places where they originated like Hip-Hop originated from America and was mainly performed in crews. I also found out more about a few famous contemporary dancers Isadora Duncan or Martha Graham. I also found out the way this dance style has evolved and the costumes and venues it is performed at.


Formulating Questions- I made up questions that I could research and find lots of information about different dance styles or where they are originated and more

Observing- I listened to or watched to learn more when I was watching vides and that helped me understand the techniques that they use to dance.

Planning- I organised my brainstorming to figure out what I wanted to research when I had to change my questions so that I could get accurate/ relevant information.

Collecting data- I read a newspaper for information and found out about these kids who are raising money for other kids to get a education in dance.

Recording data- I took notes full of main points without copying sentences also known as paraphrasing for all of my research.

Organising data- I made observations and conclusions about my data when I was done researching for my first LOI.


Going further

What other information do we need- We need more information about the way they choreograph dance and the elements that go into creating a dance.

What other perspective do we need to consider- We need perspectives from people that aren't professional dancers or don't know much about it. I need their perspectives on how they feel about dance.

What further connections do we need to make- We need to make connections about how we feel when we dance since all of us are dancers or still training to become one or have interest for it.

What do we need to do from here- We need to sort out and paraphrase all our LOI 2 research and plan on what we should do next.

Sorting out

How can I sort the information I have found- By putting it into different folders and adding tittles/questions to all of my research/information.

What information is most useful- The most useful information that I found was about how professional dancers feel when they dance like a interview that a famous dancer has attended for example Fred Astaire.

What is missing from our inquiry- I think the thing that is missing is why dancers dance and what inspired them to dance. Also I think we are missing the facial expressions that dancers show because we are only focusing on the movements.

What changes do we need to make to our inquiry- I think we should start working together since we have different topics we are researching on but not getting them together and finding out the similarities and the differences.


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