Carnival! Ms. Charles' Class at McVay Elementary

Ms. Charles transformed her kindergarten classroom into a carnival to have some fun on the last day of school before Thanksgiving break. Students were greeted with a colorful doorway, finished off with a balloon arch, and the room set up with game stations all around.

Playing cornhole!
Even Curriculum Director Dr. Arneson got in on the fun!
Student knocking over the cans
Great shot!
Guessing the number the disk will go into at the bottom

The students played in groups and were all smiles as they knocked over cans, played cornhole, basketball toss, and the disk drop game to name a few.

Principal Mrs. Waggoner "clowning" around!

What goes better at a carnival than carnival food? Ms. Charles had hotdogs, chips, and popcorn for the kids to round out the carnival experience!