Human Body Ananda jackson m.

the nerves system is the most weirdest system in the body,nerve sell's can't be replaced after they die.the brain has the power to do lots of stuff like control your thoughts and its attach to the spinal cord.

if you eat or drink you have a little hole under your tongue to no when your food is really good your mouth will start to water.

  • the respiratory system work your stomach tells when to breath heavy.
  • the museal is when you work out and get strong the museal makes your brain more loss


Created with images by perpetualplum - "page 127 Lymph Vessels of the Head" • ohhhbetty - "Organs" • imordaf - "tiger eye crystal skull" • GregMontani - "skull and crossbones skeleton bone" • wellcome images - "Woodcut of a plain section of the frozen body of a 25-year-old woman who died by hanging"

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