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What does betrothal mean?

Answer:Betrothal is a contract or promise that individuals will marry at a future time,making a formal betrothal is an ancient social custom and for example,among the Hebrews of biblical times betrothals were arranged by the parents or guardians of the couple involved.

("Betrothal." Encyclopedia Americana. Scholastic Grolier Online, Accessed 6 Mar. 2017.)

What is dowry?

Answer:Dowry is the property that the bride's family gives to the groom or his family upon marriage. In many primitive cultures the dowry is part of a complicated series of exchanges of wealth between intermarrying families and is fundamental to the social and economic functioning of the society.

(Ward, Priscilla C. "Dowry." Encyclopedia Americana. Scholastic Grolier Online, Accessed 7 Mar. 2017.)


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