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Many women find themselves pioneering new ground without a mentor.

What if women gathered together as mutual travelers on this new road?

What if we shared in being shaped into the image of Christ?

What if we pooled our experiences to help each other in our work?

What if we discovered spiritual friendship that feeds the soul?

Virtual Covenant Groups offer spiritual vitality to women through online monthly meetings of spiritual practices, group discernment, and deep relationships.

Groups members commit to meeting monthly together for two hours over a nine-month period of time. Groups are led by trained spiritual directors, experienced in creating space online for soul care and deep friendships.

Deanna Gemmer, M.Div., Group Leader
Rhesa Higgins, Eleven:28 Founder, Group Leader

Covenant Groups are $349 for the nine-month commitment and will include eight or fewer members. To learn more about whether an online covenant group is a good fit for your spiritual formation, click the button below.

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