dead horse by: M.l.Bittel pictures by:c.l.bittel

chapter I

dead horse found

It was cold..colder than the arctic. Me n my sis (Dimmed) and my brother (Andrew) but we call him (Andy) for short where on the porch in ownsberow,Kentucky. then Andy said ," We should check our animals" so we did as he told..since he was older than both of us. We counted and had them all....well until we counted the horse. The horse was gone. I panicked, "What if dad finds out ..what if we cant find the horse?" "calm down sis we can find it" ill admit, that did gave me correge. SO, we went to find it. but what we found....was the horse dead. " !!!!!! now what? the horse is dead." "a dead horse"

chapter II


Then we called dad and when he came he went to tears....i didn't want to other him...but i got suspises about why he was crying ..... did he found out what happened? i thought to my self...after 3 minutes i finally ask about it...."daddy.. r u k? whats wrong?" i asked him..he went silent for a moment n said something' while crying ...i knew he couldn't say words so all he said was "shes dead"...... i don't know ho he meant so i said..." whos dead" then..he went silent for 30 minits and said " your mom's dead" i got in shock after it that it felt like jhon cena just beted the crap out of me... or holding tom Howard's punching back inside my heart. i admittedly busted to tears and ran to my room crying under my dad. why her. i said in my head. i stayed there til' 5 a.m then, dimmed came in to cear me up. " there...there its k" n hugged me, ill admit it that did calm me down but i the horse really dead? iis the horse a ghost? and did the ghost killed mama?



the next day, iv'e went back to the horse...then, when i made it i was in shock....the horse body was gone!!! this is not normal... who whould wanted a dead horse body? then, i went back...but when i did i saw somthing...a hose with blood on it.. *strange that looks like the same jorse that die-!!!!!* then i ran..breathing heavily and came home ..locked all the doors....and hided in under my bed... i never when out ever again...

about the altther's

M.L.BITTEL- Matthew bittel was 13 when he was inserted in horror book in 2017 ..hes faveret was r.l.stine's so..he made one of he's own

C.L.Bittel- chastity bittel is Matthew's sister...when he showed hi's finished book (this one) was deep to her (that's what she likes) n agreed to help him.

Created By
matthew bittel


100 % horror

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