Gally " Things are changeing. There's no denying that"

  • " Everything started changing the moment you showed up"
  • " I think he's a spy from the people who put us here
  • " We can't trust this shank"


I'm Gally when Thomas came here I had a felling something was going to happen. Gally: " You see what he is trying to do, right? First he breaks our rules and then he tries to convince us to abandon them totally. The rules are the only thing that have ever held us together. Why now are we questioning that? If Alby was here, you know he'd agree with me. This shank needs to be punished."


I think I'm the leader and that's what I told Thomas the day we met. I live in the Glade and got stung by a griever and had bad memories of Thomas. He is not like everyone else and because of him everything will change. He broke the number one rule and then decides to make everyone agree with him. He should get Punished for that! Then Newt and Minho think to make things better and make him a runner. And I don't like that at all! I feel like he should get hurt and punished for all of this. But no one listens to me so I decide to hide and not tell anyone where I am. So there!


I live in the Glade, my job was a runner. Now I'm part of the council. I was stung by a griever and had bad memories of the real world(and Thomas). When we have a meeting I try my best to make sure Thomas doesn't win. I saw visions of real life outside of the maze and o don't want to go back. " We belong in the maze". Thomas thinks I'm a bully ,but I don't think so. I can take anyone in a fight. I'm the real tough guy. I'm not afraid of Thomas or anyone. Nobody ever wants to cross my path or else!


I'm part of the council. Also my skill is a member of the right arm keeper of the builders. I have self defense skills and can take anyone. I don't mind causing trouble either and I might be crazy too.

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