Nadia Comaneci CarLEIGH MOORE

“ I don’t run away from a challenge because I am afraid. Instead, I run toward it because the only way to escape fear is to trample it beneath your feet”. My name is Nadia Comaneci and I am an olympic gymnast.

I was an adventurous child when I was little. I was born November 12, 1961. I was born in Gheorghe Gheorghio (Onesti), Romania. I started kindergarten at age three. As a young girl about the age of three and four I loved to climb trees and play soccer.

I started to be a very successful gymnast at a young age. As a six year old in 1967 I started training at Onesti sports club. In 1969 age eight I had gymnastics from 8-12 six days a week. At age 8 in 1970 the Romanian National Championships were held in Sibiu and I was chosen to come compete in it.

I have always had a loving family. My dads name is Gheorghe Comaneci and my moms name in Stefania Comaneci. I have a younger brother named Adrian Comaneci. My grandparents names were Ion and Lliana Blanaru.

A start of a new life. I started learning english at age 13. In 1978 I moved to Bucharest. In 1978 my parents got divorced. After my parents got divorced my mom moved to Bucharest with me. After my mom moved there me and her got a lot closer

I had some scary moments in my life. A week before the World Championships I weighed 48 kilograms and when I got there I weighed 42 kilograms. I was in her hotel room one time and there was bleach on the table but there was also fruit juice on the table and when I reached for the fruit juice I accidentally grabbed the bleach and I didn't know it was bleach until I drank it. In Onesti we always left our keys on the outside of our doors at hotels and know one ever snuck in but one time when we were in a hotel in America and we put our keys on the outside of the doors like always but then at midnight I heard something and I woke up and there was a guy in my room and he had the keys in his hands but I grabbed them from him before he ran out.

The olympics were an exciting time of my life. At age 14 in the olympics I scored a perfect 10 on bars. I was the first person in olympic history to ever score a perfect 10. I won gold in the individual competition with a score of a 79.275. I won five gold medals one silver medal and one bronze medal at the olympics.

I have now started a new family. I was engaged on November 12, 1994 on my 33rd birthday. I got married April 27, 1996 to Bart Conner. On June 3, 2006 I had a son and I named him Dylan Paul Conner.

I am currently living a happy life. I am now 53 years old. I live in Norman Oklahoma. In December, 2003 my book “letters to a young gymnast” was published.

Because of the olympics I have become very famous. Bart and I now run the Bart Conner gymnastics academy, the International gymnast magazine, a television production company, and a gymnastics supply company. Mine and Barts marriage was broadcast live on Romanian television. On July 21, 2012 Johy Amaechi (basketball star) and I carried the olympic torch to the roof of the 02 arena as part of the torch relay for the 2012 summer olympics in London.

I have always thought that gymnastics has made me who I am today and a life lesson I learned was that know matter what happens to always keep trying and believing because then something good might come out of it.

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