Tokyo by millie & lilly

City Characteristics


Where's Tokyo you ask? Well i can help you with that. Tokyo is located on the southeastern part of Honshu, witch is the main island of Japan. It rests in the North Pacific Ocean. Tokyo has a latitude of 35,41 North and a longitude of 139,41 East. Tokyo is located around the middle of japan.

Main Economy

Tokyo's economy has more emphasis on financial services and banking. In Tokyo they have a manufacture of electronic apparatus apparatus, transport equipment, automobiles, cameras.


Japan has unique foods and treats that other countries don't have which attracts tourists. And because it is one of the biggest and busiest cities in the world there are things to do such as people watching and, street watching, markets and staying in some of the biggest hotels in the world.


There's a Culture centre of Japan. It's mixed with subsequent influences from first Chinese and Korean, then Greek and Indian. In Tokyo theres also other kinds of Cultures in the following sentence will tell you more about the next Culture topic. When entering a house you must be polite by starting you will be bowing, staring, removing your shoes. When out in public you are not allowed to show any emotion.

Population Characteristics


The main religions of Tokyo are Shintoism and Buddhism. People can believe in both Marry in a Shinto ceremony Buddhist funeral Shintoism is the definition of worship of ancestors and national heroes, as well as of all natural things. Founded in India in the 5th century, Buddhism came to Japan in the 6th century via China and Korea, bringing with it the concept of eternal life, and, by the end of the 6th century, it had gained such popularity that it was declared the state religion.

City Population

11% of all people living in Japan, live in Tokyo, this is approximately 13.291 million people. With the area of Tokyo being 0.6% of japans total area Approximately 7 million house holds with an average of 2 people per house. Approximately 440,000 are residents.

Migrants and migration

This year 62,809 people migrated to Tokyo which is 0.18% of everyone living in Tokyo.


In Tokyo they speak Japanese. Or if they know other languages they will speak both. If they where to speak to a very important person and they don't know English or the other language your speaking your better of speaking Tokyo.

Urban Problems

There is many problems in Tokyo with active earthquakes and a volcanic belt, high tides, active earthquakes and a volcanic belt, floods. "The public transport in Japan is the fastest public transport system in the world and is also the most convenient way to travel around the city but the trains are always full and crowded with people and this is also a problem in Tokyo."

Urban Solutions

These urban problems cannot be fixed because it happens naturally and they cant do anything about it or what happens.

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