Harvard CUSD #50 Library Media Centers April 2017 April is School Library Month!

“School libraries provide equitable physical and intellectual access to the resources and tools required for learning in a warm, stimulating, and safe environment. School librarians collaborate with others to provide instruction, learning strategies, and practice in using the essential learning skills needed in the 21st century.”

American Association of School Librarians. 2007. Standards for the 21st Century Learner. Chicago: ALA.

District 50 now has a full time library media/technology specialist in each building. All four certified librarians not only have the expertise in traditional library science, but also have certification in instructional technology. In each building, the library media specialist plays a crucial role in the 1:1 technology environment.

The library media specialists track inventory of devices, troubleshoot technical problems, help teachers use technology effectively in the classroom, and research the best resources for our students.

This technology support is in addition to providing direct instruction to students, building relevant library collections for each building, and maintaining library facilities that are welcoming and productive.

The D50 Library Media Curriculum

Information Literacy for Lifelong Learning

Fully staffed library media centers allowed us, as a team, to accomplish a task that has been in the making for several years: We completed the creation of a comprehensive K-12 Library Media Curriculum with Scope and Sequence. This project provides us with the road map needed to plan our students’ library experiences, thus ensuring students have exposure to the range of information literacy and library-specific skills needed for lifelong learning.

This scope and sequence is built upon four principle foundations: Literature Appreciation, Library Patronage, Research and Information Access, and Digital Citizenship & Internet Safety.

The curriculum is aligned to both the Illinois School Library Media (ISLMA) Standards and the American Association of School Library (AASL) Standards, which both align with Common Core State Standards.

This was an ambitious project, and will be guiding our library media programs for many years to come.

The Harvard CUSD 50 Library Media Services Curriculum With Scope and Sequence: Information for Lifelong Learning can be found on the High School Library Website, or by clicking HERE.

The D50 Research Model

One foundation of library media curriculum is Research and Information Access. As part of the comprehensive K-12 Library Media Curriculum, the library media specialists collaborated with a cross section of classroom teachers to develop The D50 Research Model. The importance of adopting a district wide research model is summed up by this passage from 21Century Information Fluency (http://21cif.com/index.html):

“If the school or district does not have a designated research model, one should be considered. A consistent approach is needed for students to tackle a research question. The common vocabulary will ease the transference from class to class and from department to department. Shared expectations of the research process will promote its use across the curriculum.”

The D50 Research Model is further defined in a separate presentation, which may be accessed from the High School Library Website, or by clicking HERE.

Looking ahead

Plans for next year include a high school library renovation, the final phase of the junior high library renovation, and work on a technology skills curriculum to round out our library curriculum. We will also be promoting our Research Model and offering professional development and collaboration opportunities with our classroom teachers.

Thank you to the Harvard District 50 Board of Education and to district administration for their continued strong support of the library media programs.

Because of your support, our school libraries continue to Empower Students and Transform Learning.

This frequent patron of the HHS Library will be missed next year!

Thanks to Mr. Z from the Minions in the library!

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