Nature on Display

The exhibit that piqued my interest the most aside from the Butterfly Rainforest was the wall of prehistoric shark jaws. It immediately caught my attention because of the sheer size of the jaws and the way they were displayed next to each other. Seeing and standing next to the shark jaws, it made me realize how small people really are compared to the things we share our earth with. I really enjoyed seeing the jaws and just realizing that these kinds of animals really existed.

Nature and Ethics

The Natural History Museum did a really good job at immersing viewers the beauty of nature. They allowed visitors to walk among the butterflies, in an open exhibit, and experience them in their natural habitat. I felt like I was in a garden that was naturally habituated by the different kinds of butterflies instead of in a museum. The entire time I was in the museum I was in awe of the butterflies, the frogs, and the prehistoric animals that were on display. My experience made me realize how important these animals are to our ecosystem and how we need to work harder to save them.

Nature and the Human Spirit

The Museum helps us step out of our ordinary life by letting us experience its exhibits in a way that makes it feel like we are actually there with the animals in their natural habitat. It helps us see how we affect the world and what role we play.


- All pictures were taken by me during my visit to the Natural History Museum.

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