Devotion in Motion PhotoJournal

People display their devotion to the supernatural in various ways. This photo journal is a tribute to the ways humans honor their spiritual selves.

Symbols of faith remind us of how interconnected we are as humans.
However posing like child reminds us to maintain child-like faith and humility.
Dance is also a way for individuals to show their devotion. Movement of the body aligns with the movement of the of life. Devoting time and energy to dance can be considered a ritual that connects humans beings to the spiritual world; the supernatural.
This ritual shows devotion to maintaining peace while displaying strength in a busy world.
But maintaining inner peace is the biggest struggle yet, especially in the West. Group meditation opens the door for individuals to come together collectively and devote their time to their inner (wo)man.
No matter the environment or the time of day, devoting time to your inner man promotes well being.
One of the most beautiful sights in the world is to observe ritual displayed through action, at an unexpected place. This is a powerful lesson for the West, where Christianity is most popular. Prayer can take place in any place once the call is made. The lesson here is do not ignore the call to pray.
What are these women are thinking about? Collective meditation sets the stage for growing together in peace in spite of the mind chatter that we may experience during silence. It is not by coincidence that a sign in the background emphasizes to "Grow ideas".
One thing is for sure--meditation takes on many shapes and forms. There is no correct or incorrect way to meditate. This woman sits during a collective mediation session, appearing ready to receive.
Blessing the stage is also an important part of ritual. Before performing her poem in front of a group audience, this young lady recognizes she needed to get allow the spirit to lead.

Devotion comes in many forms and it is an exciting journey to recognize these forms as we travel in life.

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