Haunted Houses

The author of this book is Patricia D. Netzley and she writes about numerous paranormal stories.

This book is mainly about ghosts and apparitions but also involves stories of people, primarily teenagers, faking a haunting to get money and attention.

There are different types of ghosts but the most known one is called a poltergeist, These ghosts can interact with objects and people.

There are ways to try and communicate with spirits and the most popular way is by using a Ouija board.

There are also mediums who perform a séance and can communicate with the spirits. These people are born with that ability.

Then there are the people that go to a haunted place and try to record and prove the existence of ghosts.

I Learned a lot about the paranormal which is a topic that I enjoy and always raises a debate.

I enjoyed reading this book and I learned somethings I didn't know. I personally believe in ghosts and believe in the paranormal



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