Imperialism Laci Pollock

Imperialism is where one strong country dominates a weaker one.

For example; Russia took over India. Russia is a stronger and more well build country while India is weak. This is a perfect example of Imperialism.

Russian Soldiers

Another example of Imperialism is that Great Britain took over India as well. India doesn't have a good army. They are very weak so every country wants more land so they conquer the weak, hense India being taken twice.

Children of India

Another example is France took over Haiti. France is a strong country and Haiti isn't that big nor strong. France conquering Haiti makes France larger and stronger. So they're basically just taking over the smaller places to make themselves bigger and stronger which is a perfect example of imperialism.

Haiti on a map

One last example of Imperialism is how the U.S took over Hawaii. Hawaii is a beautiful place and it isn't that big. In order for the U.S to become stronger they took over Hawaii and became one.

Hawaii's beach

Imperialism is a very important thing for us to have. If we want to stay strong we need to conquer the weak and get bigger. If we don't then we will be conquered. It helps to eliminate the weak in the world because it gets rid of the countries that are bringing the world down and helping them grow and be better.


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