Paul's Missionary Journey By Eve

The journey first began in the city of Antioch of Syria where Paul and Barnabas were told by the Holy Spirit to go and spread the good news of Jesus. Paul and Barnabas obeyed God as and travelled on a boat to the island of Cyprus where they docked in the town of Salamis.

After preaching the word of God in Jewish temples, they travelled from town to town across the entire island until they reached Paphos.

At the city Paphos, Paul punished an evil man for being a false prophet and for lying about Jesus to the local governor. After Paul punished the evil man, the governor learned about the truth of Jesus and became a Christian!

Not only did they share about God, but God also allowed them to perform a miracle at Lystra where Paul healed a man with crippled feet and made him able to walk again! They left here after receiving harsh treatment and the threat of stoning.

They came to Derbe where their mission had been a success. This was their last stop before returning to Antioch. The church here was interested to hear about their mission to the Gentiles. The church welcomed their success and the admission of the Gentiles to the Christian community.


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