Gifted kids can't run Geronimo Year 7

Kia ora, My name is Geronimo and I will be busting a myth about giftedness.

This blog’s myth will be that gifted kids must be bad at physical activity. This. Is. Wrong.

Ask any famous person what they are good at and it will not just be what they are famous for. It’s the same for giftedness. Being gifted has close to no effect on that person’s sportiness whatsoever. If everyone on Earth was only good at one thing, babies would need twenty parents.

However, the conclusion of this busted myth is NOT that gifted kids are good at physical activity. The point is, that gifted kids, in sports and other areas, are just the same as all kids. They can be any sort of level in physical prowess, despite their giftedness and the same goes for other topics that do not include their giftedness.

Representing the Wellington gifted kids.


Posted as part of the 2019 New Zealand Gifted Awareness Blog Tour, run by the New Zealand Centre for Gifted Education.

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Chang Duong, William Topa and Nattu Adnan all on Unsplash.com 

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