Java and Javascript By Tristan Mabee

James Gosling, founder of Java

Java is generally one of the top programming language used generally by larger companies like IBM. It was developed in the nineties by James Gosling of the Sun Microsystems (now owned by Oracle). Java's biggest achievement is the JVM (Java Virtual Machine). The JVM allows the programmer to write code once and run it anywhere. Java is also commonly used by fans and other smaller people and businesses but is primarily used by corporations. The system where new coding rules are added into Java is pretty complicated, there's a whole committee (the JCP) and certain members are picked every year or even stay permanently depending on how much of a stake they have in Java. For instance, a fan of java may be able to stay in the committee for a year or two but Oracle (the current owner of Java) always has a standing member in the committee (both Oracle and a fan have the same power in the executive committee though). Java is a large entity and it's often slow moving, but it is definitely worth your time. Everyone can and should help to make Java a better programming language. It's easy and free to anyone with a computer, internet access, and time on their hands.

JavaScript, one of the most successful coding languages

JavaScript is basically Java's little brother. If you're new to programming, building a website, or making one yourself, then you're probably using JavaScript. Java Script was made between May and December in 1995 in the U.S. By Netscape Communications. The father of Java Script, Brendan Eich was contracted to help create a "scheme for the browser. He had the large disadvantage of no time but also had more freedom and a direct pipeline to the people who would allow or stop Java Script's creation. He was eventually successful and Java Script became the simpler and more dynamic analogue to Java, which also looked and functioned like Java. Java Scripts rushed production gave it some quirks like how similar objects that should behave similarly have different types. Java Script was eventually standardized as ECMA script in November 1996. ECMAScript is still being developed to this day, it is currently version six. While there have been a few hiccups along ECMAScript's development, are doing as well as ever.

Founder of JavaScript, Brendan Eich

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