My year in English was probably one of the best years in English I've ever had. I really enjoyed all the projects we did and almost all the books we had to read. In my past English classes I've kind of just gone through it all, not really enjoying what we were doing, but also not hating it. Although this year I really did enjoy, there were a couple times this year I was super stressed about different projects. I loved any time we were able to work in groups for projects, because it's easier to bounce ideas off of other people rather than just sitting in my desk staring at my paper, which is what I probably would have done.

At the beginning of the year when we started writing in our notebooks everyday, I definitely enjoyed doing it. As the year went on and I started to not be as engaged in school as I was at the beginning of the year, I started to dislike writing in our notebooks more and more. I especially didn't like when we weren't given a prompt to write about since I have zero creativity. If I were to flip through my prompts from the first day of school to the last time we wrote, you would definitely be able to tell how my writing kind of decreased in how interesting it was. Although I didn't enjoy writing as much toward the end of the year, I really do think it helped to make me a better writer. Whenever we would be working on a project like an essay that was due, writing about my actually essay actually did help me to make whatever project I was doing better.

I also think that as the year went on I had my voice shine through a little bit more than at the beginning of the year. My Anthem essay and my Personal Narrative sound very different from each other because when I wrote my Personal Narrative I was more comfortable with having voice in my writing. I honestly think that the times we had to share our writing in class helped to make me more comfortable sharing out loud in general. If I could have had to share something the first month of school, I probably would have been way more nervous than when I shared my speech. Even though I wasn't as nervous to share my speech as I would have been, I still got super nervous. I remember looking at Izzy and Annie before my speech and just freaking out. Once I got up there it was nowhere near as bad as I thought it would have been. Next year in English I will definitely try to have the same positive energy towards writing at the beginning and ending of the year.

I really enjoyed all the books we had to read this year. Normally If I'm assigned a book that I have to read I don't really enjoy reading it, because I didn’t choose it. That didn't really happen to me this year. My favorite book we had to read was probably A Separate Peace. I liked how it had two characters that we really close, yet very distant personalities. I also really liked how this book had a plot twist, which was when Gene basically made Finny break his leg. Gene and Finny were best friends, and I know I definitely would not want my best friend to break her leg.

I think the book that I really learned the most from was Lord of the Flies. This book showed me that everyone has evil within them; it may just take a certain event to bring it out. Even though I actually learned from this book, I hated it so much. As soon as I read the first chapter I Knew it was going to be something I would hate, and I was right. I thought there were too many characters that were not interesting at all, and overall I just hated the plot. I also didn't really care for the two Shakespeare books we read. Out of the two books we read, (The Taming of the Shrew and Julius Caesar) I probably disliked Julius Caesar the most. I don't really know why I didn’t like it, I just didn't really like reading it. I kind of liked The Taming of the Shrew because it had a bit of humor, but it was a little difficult to understand. I think these books that we read actually really helped me to understand certain life lessons that I wouldn't normally think about. For example, when we read Anthem, the lesson it was really trying to get across was that being different was okay. Most people try too hard to be like everyone else, Anthem did a good job on why that not always so good. I think every book we read this year has a specific purpose, and next year when we read books I will go into it with more of an open mind and really think about why we would have to read it.

This year in English the good definitely weighed out the bad. I overall really enjoyed each book, and the lessons I learned from them. I also really did like each writing assignment we had, although I definitely liked some more than others. I really loved English this year and hope that the rest of my English classes will have assignments that I will enjoy as much as the ones this year.


Matched, by Alle Conde has many different plot twists and surprises that will leave the reader shocked and wanting to turn every page until the book is over. This book centers around a young girl named Cassia, who lives in a world controlled by government, with almost zero freedoms to decide how you want to live. The normal choices like who to marry and what job you'll work-is assigned to each person based on their personality. Cassia grew up believing that the way she lived was for the best, not knowing the government actually had an ulterior motive. As soon as as Cassia turned 18, she and the rest of the girls in her Province prepared to attend their Choosing Ceremony. The Choosing ceremony is a very big deal for everyone involved. This is the day when each 18 year old would be matched with their soon to be husband/wife, chosen by the government. Once the announcer was on Cassia’s name, she was more than ready to hear her match. “Xander,” said the announcer, looking around at everyone. Surely this can't be my best friend Xander, who I’ve known since birth, Cassia thought to herself. Of course, it was her best friend who was now her match. She went home that night prepared to watch Xanders information video, when a face she had only seen once appeared in place of Xanders. But before Cassia even had time to react, it vanished. Cassia had no idea why this face was on Xander’s video, but she was sure going to find out.

There really wasn't anything I disliked about reading this book. I thought that reading this book was very easy and every time something new happened I got even more excited to read. I really liked how the author didn't keep adding in new characters that didn't really impact the plot. The characters at the beginning of the story were the same at the end, which I thought made it easier to read since I didn't have to learn a new background once a new character was introduced. The book also didn't really have any events that were pointless of adding them in. Each event that happened played a particular role in affecting either a character or the plot. Once I finished reading this book I wanted to go straight away to the second book in this series, because I thought it was so interesting. Something that I didn't really like about this book was the outcome of who the main character chose to end up with. My favorite character from the beginning of the book didn't win who he wanted too, which was the only thing that made me upset about reading Matched.

I really enjoyed doing SSR this year. When I started the year I really didn't like to read that much, but once I found a really good book I wouldn't be able to stop reading it. My favorite SSR book I read was during the third quarter. I read the book The Selection, as we'll as two other people in my class. I think I enjoyed reading this book the most because I liked how other people were reading the book at the same time as I was, which made it fun to talk about everything that happened. The first quarter during SSR I didn't really have a set book I'd read every Friday, but each book I chose to read was because I really wanted to read it.




Having to create this book trailer based on our SSR book was definitely my favorite assignment from everything we had to do. In my group was Annie, Izzy, and myself. When we had to choose a book to read we all decided we wanted to read a sci fi/romance book. We were looking up books that fit that genre and came across the book The Selection, by Kiera Cass. The day after we got our book I went home and finished more than half of it. A couple days later I had already finished the book, and so did everyone else in my group. We all enjoyed reading this book so much that we went out and read the rest of the books in the series. When it came time to create our book trailers we were super excited.

Our book didn't have a lot of characters in it which made it easy on deciding who would be who in the trailer. Something that was a little difficult about having to create this trailer was having to only choose a couple significant moments to incorporate, when there was so many important moments in the story. We didn't want to give anything away in our trailer that would ruin what happened in the rest of the series. We all enjoyed filming so much, probably because we loved reading the book. I would definitely want to do this project again, either with another book in the series or another book like this.



Writing this personal narrative essay was one of my favorite things we did because it brought back all the memories from my trip that my narrative was based on. I didn't really find anything to challenging about this assignment since we didn't really have too many guidelines to follow. Whenever I had to go into description about an event that happened, it just helped me to remember what we did and I wouldn't be able to stop smiling! Something that I thought would be a little challenging before I started actually writing was having a specific climax and rising/falling actions. On my vacation I didn't really have one specific event that was the climax, more like little tiny events that could have been considered the climax. I remember having to ask Annie who was my peer-reviewer, what I should use as my climax. She have me some really good ideas on how I could describe something specifically to make it sound like the climax. Once I got my climax down adding in my rising/falling actions were a lot easier to write in. Something that surprised me alittle but was that I actually learned something from my trip that I never even would have realized if we didn't have to write about it. While I was on vacation I wasn't really thinking about anything too serious, but when I was writing about it I actually realized that I would be able to take a lesson away from my trip.


“Madison, hurry up and finish packing! We have to go!”, my mom yelled from two rooms away while I was trying to finish stuffing the last couple things into my suitcase. We were about about to leave for our last vacation before seventh grade started. This vacation was super special because we were going with my best friend’s family. Once everyone had finished packing up the car, we got in and drove over to my best friend Joanie's house. As soon as I got there, my excitement increased by at least ten levels. My friends family, the Shafers, were already finished packing too and we were about ready to leave for Myrtle Beach, SC. We were ready for the best week ever!

Car rides are not normally something I look forward to, especially since this one would be about 12 hours long. Joanie and I were sitting in the far back while my brother, sister, and her brother were all up front. Most of the car ride consisted of us sleeping and watching TV on our phones. Finally my mom told us we would be at the hotel we were stopping halfway at soon, in about 30 minutes. Once we finally arrived, we went into the hotel room and fell asleep instantly. We woke up the next morning and headed back out to the car, to do the same thing we did the day before. After what felt like forever, my mom said we'd be getting to our hotel in SC in five minutes. Once we pulled up, Joanie and I ran out of the car and up to our hotel room. We both looked at the ocean and already knew this week would be a lot of fun.

The first full day of being there was more of a relax and unpack type of day. The second day of our trip was so much fun. Joanie and I decided we would go shopping, and then go to Barefoot landing, which is kind of like a tourist-carnival place. We were outside for so long that by the time we got home we were as red as tomatoes. Her sunburn was a lot worse than mine because I don't get sunburnt as easily. The next day we couldn't do much because we were both so sunburnt. We just went down to the pool and watched a couple movies. The day after both our sun burns weren't as bad anymore, so we decided to make a list of things we still wanted to do.

My favorite thing that happened that week was our mini golf incident. Earlier in the morning that day Joanie and I both decided that we wanted to go mini golfing. Every time we came to the beach we had seen the places to go mini golfing, but we never actually went. This trip we promised ourselves you were actually going to go. This was the first time that we had ever gone mini golfing, and it was fun to experience it together. My mom checked the weather forecast for that day and it said that there would be a chance of “slight showers,” but nothing too bad. We didn't know that at Myrtle Beach when it said there would be a slight shower, it would be pouring down rain. Once we got there we decided what courses we were going to do, and picked out our golf clubs. On the third hole we looked up at the sky and saw the clouds rolling in. We figured it wasn't going to be anything bad and decided to keep playing. After we had just finished the third hole, we started to feel raindrops falling on us. Within seconds the sky was pouring down rain on all of us and we were getting soaked. We had to sprint back to our car and by the time we got there we were drenched in water. Once we got into the car we all start to laugh at everything that happened because we all looked ridiculous. This day was so much fun because it taught us to never take anything too seriously, and just have fun.

The day after was also a day filled with fun. Joanie and I woke up super early so that we could get a headstart on our day. We went down to the pool as soon as the sun came up. Once we had gotten as tan as we wanted, we went back up to the room and got dressed for the mall. Shopping was both of our favorite activities, so we were very excited. By the time we were done shopping at the mall we had spent over $300. When we got back to the room our parents looked at all the bags we had and just laughed. I probably would have laughed too, if I had seen us. Next we decided to watch a movie we had just boughten. The movie we bought was the “Notebook”, which is one of our all-time favorite movies. By the end of the movie both of us were in tears. It was around 11 o'clock at night by the time we had finished, so we just decided to watch another one. The next movie we decided to watch was “Divergent”, since this was also one of our favorite movies. Joanie had fallen asleep during the movie, so I just turned the movie off and went to bed also.

After we had had so many fun days, we decided today we were just going to stay in the room while everyone else went out. We watched a couple TV shows, and mostly ate and slept. By the time everyone had gotten back to the room, we all decided we were going to go out to dinner. We went to a very fancy Mexican restaurant that was so delicious. I remember eating the tacos and savoring every bite. Once the night was over Joanie and I started to pack up because we were leaving soon, which made us both really sad.

On our last day in South Carolina, we decided we are going to try to fit as many fun things in the day as possible. We woke up super early and went straight down to the pool. Once we had swam for a couple hours, we went back up to the room and changed into our regular clothes. We asked our parents to drive us to the souvenir stores, so that we could buy presents for our other friends and family. After we had bought everyone a gift, we went out to lunch. For lunch we ate at one of our favorite places, Chick-fil-A. After we had finished our food, we drove over to a movie theater to see a new movie. Once the movie had finished, we went back to our hotel room and down to the beach. We took pictures with each other, and wrote messages in the sand. The sun started to set, so we knew that our time in Myrtle Beach was coming to an end.

Our last night in Myrtle Beach was very bittersweet. By the time the sun started came up, everyone was awake and we had to start loading up the car. Before we knew it, we were entering Ohio. We looked back at the pictures we had taken at the ocean, and started to get sad because we wanted to go back. This week was by far my most favorite vacation I have ever been on. We enjoyed every second together, and never let anything stop us from having fun. Even though we missed the beach so much, we would never be able to forget these long lasting memories we created.



This was one of my favorite essays we had to write all year, although I did find it very difficult at times. When we were told we would be able to write an essay about anything we wanted too, I really wanted to choose something I loved. I LOVE going shopping on Black Friday, which I why I chose it for my topic. Before I actually started writing my essay I didn't think it would be hard, but was I wrong. Having to come up with many points on why people should go Black Friday shopping-besides the obvious factor of saving money- was very hard to do. I stayed up for hours just trying to come up with claims that had articles and facts go back them up. I read so many different articles about Black Friday I probably have every detail about this Holiday memorized. Something else I found pretty challenging with this essay was not knowing if I had too many quotes, or not enough. I played around with the number of quotes in my essay until I finally decided on how many I would have. If I had a quote that I really liked but didn't want to add more to my essay, I would just paraphrase it. By the time I finding writing my entire essay I wasn't sure if it would flow correctly or if it was even interesting at all, but I have to say I was very surprised with the was my essay sounded. This essay really taught me a lot about balancing out my writing which will definitely be very helpful to me in the future.

Hardcore Holiday

The years biggest sales, feet running from store to store, no limitations set- these are all things people could use to describe the craziest shopping day of the year. Of course the biggest shopping day is none other than Black Friday. This day came to it’s name by being influenced by old Roman Times. Years and years ago, the plague started to break out in a small town on a Friday afternoon. This was something no one had ever thought would happen, something that was unexpected. No one knows what to expect on Black Friday, so that is where it got its name (Dunigan).. The number of people who go out to shop on this day is tremendous. According to Fundivo, in 2014, 1009 milion people start Black Friday shopping on Thursday, and 1505 million people go shopping on Friday (Fundivo.) No matter what crazy events happen on this day, there really is a good reason to go shopping. Black Friday is worth all the trouble it may cause because it saves shoppers tons of money, stores get to advertise their merchandise to a large crowd, and gives you an idea of what people will do to get the best deals possible.

Black Friday shopping will help you to save a lot of money. Stores claim this day to be one of the busiest shopping days of the year. People go to stores as early as 1:00 in the morning and 12:00 at night just to try and get the best deals possible and to save as much money as they can. Some of the biggest deals on Black Friday was a Samsung Galaxy tablet that was originally $700.00, but marked down over $400.00. One of the most popular deals in 2015 was a computer being sold at Best Buy on sale for $109.00 that was originally marked at $300.00. Black Friday is especially helpful to those people who like to plan ahead on their Holiday shopping. No matter what people think or believe, Black Friday is the day where the craziness in people is released. Black Friday is the only unique day when shoppers will stampede over each other, when the day prior they were being grateful for their current belongings. (Ellison, Andrew, Lea). Although people always say “It’s the thought that counts”, no one wants to spend more money than needed.

Stores use Black Friday as a better way to advertise their business when large populations are already out doing their shopping. Black friday is an event that normally attracts a big crowd of people, so businesses take it upon themselves to start advertising their merchandise early. For example, in 2015 Kmart was advertising grills and outdoor patio furniture on Black Friday to expose their Black Friday customers to their new merchandise, in hopes that these customers will return later in the year. Stores love this day because with all the people in their stores it helps save them money on not making as many commercials and flyers to advertise their products since lots of people already saw them in their stores. It's beneficial for consumers to go out to these stores because lots of businesses will be trying to advertise as many of their products as possible. Black Friday is right in between two of the biggest Holidays of the year, Thanksgiving and Christmas.An article said, “In preparation for Black Friday, many retailers publish advertisements for exclusive deals and early-bird specials on Thanksgiving to attract customers to the stores the next day” (Ellison, Andrew, Lea). It’s in the store’s best interests to start advertising as early as possible to start raking in business and money.

Black Friday is a perfect example of proving what people will do to get the best deals possible. For example, last year a study was done to show how many people will fake being sick just to be able to go shopping. “More than a fifth of people are considering taking a sick day to take advantage of the discount-shopping phenomenon known as Black Friday ” (Ellison, Andrew, Lea). With stores packed from morning till night, shoppers are so busy getting sales that they will also start to buy Holiday merchandise. Shoppers aren’t the only people who will push the limits when it comes to this crazy “Holiday.” Just so that stores can have more people come in and purchase their merchandise, some stores even created a specific list of who could come. Last year certain stores extended their hours beyond normal and even created a special VIP list for exclusive members. “In order to lure more holiday business, the clothing and accessory store on Second Avenue Southeast will have extended store hours and special deals for those who are part of the VIP Club list” (Dunigan). There are no limitations for people set for this day.

Black Friday will always have a bigger reward than what it may seem like. Many things play into making black Friday a positive experience. The biggest thing that draws people out is how much money you can save. Businesses use this day to advertise their great deals for consumers. Eager shoppers can also watch others do crazy things to get the best bargans. People can never forget what they see or do on Black Friday.



This is probably the piece of writing I'm most proud of from everything we had to write. When we had to do our research project, we had to choose two other pieces of writing to include as well. One of my choices was a poem about my topic, Black Friday. I really wanted to make the lines of my poem rhyme, which made it really long to have to write. Although it took me a really long time to have to write this, I definitely think it was worth it. Compared to my Picture Poem I did at the beginning of the year, this poem shows a large amount of improvement in my writing, especially of writing poems. I really wanted to create something that was interesting to read. I think that this poem was a really great example of how my writing improved throughout the year. Next year if I have to write a poem, I will actually be excited because I really enjoyed writing this.


Feet racing, karts chasing,

Heart beats blazing, people shaking,

No one knows what to grab,

Merchandise in mind so they can look fab,

Black Friday, Day after being thankful,

Are these people being too ungrateful?

Morals go out the door,

This day is certainly no bore,

Not eating to spend more money than needed,

People's attitudes getting more and more heated,

People will do anything they can,

Watch out for those crazy shoppers, man o’ man,

Customers dismayed by the large crowds,

Little do they know money can be saved by the pounds,

This day a worldwide phenomenon,

Go shopping for yourself and you'll see it's no con,

Stores packed from morning till night,

Everyone putting up a strong fight,

Nobody knows what this day will hold,

Possibilities endless with millions of items sold,

People trampling over one another,

Watch out for your kids, sisters, and brothers!

The hours of this day are super crazy,

The day after you may feel a little hazy,

People never can forget what they see,

This day make make you something you don't want to be,

But before turning down shopping on this day think and pause,

Black Friday is worth all the trouble it may cause



I had a bit of a struggle with writing the letter. I wanted to make it something interesting to read, but still have facts that persuaded the reader. When I chose to do this as one of my choice pieces, I definitely did not think it was going to be as complicated as it was. Having to describe something without sounding too opinionated is a lot harder than I imagined it would be. I remember sitting at home trying to write this but just staring at my computer screen for probably an hour. I didn't want to make my letter sound too much like my essay, but still incorporate facts I had already used. Although I struggled with having to write this, I definitely think it turned out better than I thought it would. If I had to write this again I would probably try to make my letter sound a bit more interesting that it is.


Black Friday- the busiest shopping day in America. Time and time again people pass up the chance to go shopping on this day because they say they don’t like the large crowds, or the crazy hours this days occur. Sure, these reasons may seem legit, but nothing will justify your reason for not going shopping on this because there's huge advantages. Black Friday saves you tons of money, and is a nationwide Holiday tradition. If you ever get the chance to go Black Friday shopping and you’re going to turn it down, take a second and think about all the good things that you’ll be missing out on.

The most popular reason why people will go Black Friday shopping is because it can save you hundreds of dollars. People will go to stores very early in the morning and very late at night just to try and be the first to get a hold of these crazy deals. People often say, “It’s the thought that counts,” but no one wants to spend more money than they have too. Even if it means waking up when you normally don’t, or dealing with a large crowd, it’s definitely worth it if saving money is involved. In 2015, over 1009 million people started their shopping as early as Thanksgiving night. People will do just about anything to make it to stores on time for these deals going on. According to Ellison from Fundivo, In 2015 more than a fifth of people are going to be taking a “sick” day from work just so they can go Black Friday shopping. Some people even paid certain stores an extra $50.00 just so that they can be added to a special “VIP” shoppers list so they can get into stores before the larger crowds are let in (Fundivo.)

Another good thing about going shopping on Black Friday is it’s a Holiday tradition. Families love to go out to stores together to shop with one another. I remember when I was little, I would get so excited to go shopping with my family because I would go with my grandparents and my cousin who I never got to see. We would spend hours going up and down aisles trying to find things to buy. I’ll never be able to forget the excitement and happiness this day brought for me.

After hearing what great advantages this day has, there's no way you can turn down going shopping on this day.


This was the first poem I had to write in a very long time, and I really wanted to do well with this. This picture poem was our very first assignment of the year, and I wanted to start the year off strong. Something I found very difficult with this poem was trying to find words that make the poem flow nicely. We didn't really have any restrictions on how we could write this poem, which made it easier to write and think about what I wanted to say. I tried to use very descriptive words to really capture what the picture was showing. If I had to write this poem again, I would probably try to make the lines rhyme to make it more interesting. I think that I did a pretty good job with this poem, although I probably could have done better.


The vibrant Fair light shine into the sky like skyscrapers,

Long-lasting flavors linger in your mouth never wanting to leave,

Harsh screams fill the humid air of kids being afraid,

Smiles from ear to ear lasting for days,

No one knew these moments would live in our minds forever,

Replaying over and over like a record player,

Forever feeling fun times and cherishing every little thing,

Unaware of what the future holds for us,

Wishing these moments when never stop to look beyond into our future



This essay was defiantly the hardest essay I had to write all year. Although I really did like reading the book, the essay made me never want to read it again. Since this essay was the first thing we had to write coming back from Summer break, I completely procrastinated and pushed it off until the last possible second. I really wanted to do well with this essay since I knew it would be entered into a contest, but once I started it I knew there was no way i’d win. The hardest part of this essay was having to have quotes that tie in with the theme, and being able to cite them correctly. When we had to learn about this year, and even then I didn't really understand how to do it. Although I didn't do very well on this essay, I for sure think that my writing has improved throughout the year.

A Collectivist Community

“It is not good to be different from our brothers, but it is evil to be superior them”(Rand 21). The book, Anthem, by Ayn Rand is based off a society where being yourself and individuality is a crime. Equality 7-2521 was born with a “curse”, that of which being smarter than his brothers. Although Equality puts in his best efforts to try and hide his “curse”, in the end there is nothing he can do. No matter who you are, you are to be equal with everyone else; unless you are a part of the council. The council tries to do multiple things to make sure no one surpaces anyone else. They will do this by controlling every aspect of their peoples lives. Equality finds a way to break through the idea of collectivism and be himself.

The leaders of Equality’s society tell their people that being Equal with everyone will help to cause less suffering. Before Equality’s current society, there was a less fortunate era called the “Unmentionable Times.” This time had a lot of people going hungry and dying. “Hundreds and hundreds of years ago, men knew secrets which we have lost. And we thought: This was a foul place”(32). To try and keep the idea of a collectivist society, the council told their people that with their idea there would be no more suffering. This appealed to a lot of

people because they did not want history repeating itself with what happened to them or to their loved ones during the Unmentionable Times happening. Also with this idea there would be no more wars fought over differences because the people would not have any left. All of the people in the society liked the idea of collectivism because they did not want to be less fortunate like before.

The rulers of Equality's society did everything they could to make sure no one was better than anyone else. If someone was better than someone else the council's idea of collectivism would be destroyed. The council made sure that they kept everyone equal, one way they did this was by choosing their people's jobs for them. If you do not get to choose your profession, you do not get to work a job that shows your talent. Equality was an a genius who was never able to let his knowledge shine through. If everyone got to chose their own job, of course Equality would have chosen the job that let him show off all his knowledge. If your jobs are chosen for you, the council can make sure you can not excel at your job. Due to the fact that the council chose Equality’s job as a street cleaner, there is no way Equality can show what he really knows. “... Gladly and willingly, and we would erase our sin against them, which they did not know but we knew.”(26) When Equality was given his job assignment, he was happy because he knew that no one would ever know see how smart he really was. By having the council choose their people's futures, it helped to keep the idea of collectivism alive and the idea of individualism dead.

Living in a collectivist society it is very difficult to have any indualidivilism. Equality knew growing up he was different than everyone else; especially because he was able to think for

himself and have his own ideas. Living in a society where being yourself and having independence is almost non-existent, it is very rare to find someone who does these things. While Equality was growing up in school all his teachers told him that he was sinning for not being the same intelligence as everyone else. “There is evil is your bones Equality...for which to have mind quicker than the rest”(18). All of Equality’s teachers taught him that he is wrong to be smarter than everyone else, when Equality can not do anything to help it. “This is a great sin, to be born with a head that which is too quick”(8). When the council found out about what Equality had been doing he knew he had to run away. The majority of Equality's society would never even think about running from the council and their “perfect life” because they rely on one another for everything. Equality has never been one to rely on someone else rather than himself. This makes it easier for him to escape since he does not have to worry about what he will do once he is on his own in the world. Having individuality will help to shield you from relying on people too much to the point where being on your own is unthinkable.

The council made it one their missions to keep the idea of collectivism alive by any means. They did everything possible to keep one person from being better than another. Equality was someone who never adopted the idea of collectivism. He always knew that conforming to this idea of collectivism was something he could not do. Keeping the idea of individuality is good because it will be able to protect you from conforming to collectivism.


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