Ibstock Community College Newsletter - June 2019

Anne-Marie Blewitt, Executive Headteacher and Sophie Williams, Head of School


Dear Parents, Carers, Students and Friends,

What a whirlwind of a half term this has been? So many of our students have taken the opportunity to participate in a wide range of extra -curricular activities on offer to them. From athletics at Saffron Lane, a tour of the Jaguar Land Rover plant and song writing projects, to the Rockley Water sports and Naples trips and not forgetting the amazing summer concert. Such a wealth of experiences which will leave our students with wonderful life long memories. I would like to thank you all for supporting such valuable opportunities and our wonderful staff who give up their personal time to organise the trips and visits.

As we near the end of this academic year, we are already busy preparing for the start of the next. In addition to finalising the details around the changes happening in college next year around a knowledge rich curriculum, revised behaviour and rewards policies and the new smarter uniform, we are also preparing for the end of year celebrations. Reward trips to Drayton Manor and Alton Towers, Sports day, the Year 9 prom and the Year 9 Leaver’s assembly. It is an emotional time for everybody as we prepare to welcome our new Year 7 students on their induction days and as we say farewell to our Year 9 students as they set off on the next chapter in their adventure. There will no doubt be a few tears.

For now though I would like to wish you and your families a safe and hopefully sunny summer from the SLT, governors, staff and students.

Our new uniform – Dressing for Success.

All students at Ibstock Community College are expected to wear our approved school uniform, which is both smart and practical. We believe that this provides our students with a sense of identity and promotes a belonging within our school. At Ibstock, we believe that first impressions are important and for this reason, we expect our students to present themselves smartly and with pride at all times. By consistently wearing our school uniform to the highest standards, students are not only presenting a positive image of our school community, but also of themselves as individuals.

Following the consultation, it was apparent that the vast majority of parents and students value uniform. They believe it looks smart and students feel smart when they are wearing it. As well as giving students a sense of pride and belonging, uniform allows for equity amongst all students regardless of their personal circumstances and by adhering to a clear and consistent policy it allows form tutors, teachers and students to focus on teaching and learning.

After much research the leadership team decided that in order to maintain the expected standards it was imperative that there must be complete clarity with regards to every element of the uniform. Too many options are impossible to manage and as the uniform change is key to the strategic improvement plan it was important to make the correct decisions from the outset.

As a small school, we were very aware of the need to offer parents high quality school wear at the very best price. On inspection we felt that the TRUTEX products fitted that brief. Our current PE kit providers; Liss Sport were able to offer us a competitive uniform pack which would save time, offer some discount and deliver the uniforms to the college in time for the start of the academic year. At the same time, as TRUTEX is a nationwide school wear brand there are many other suppliers who also offer the individual garments (except for the embroidered blazer). As with everything, parents/carers have the right to “shop around” for the best priced TRUTEX garments.

As a college we are focused in delivering high quality education to all of our students. We believe that alongside the revised behaviour review, the introduction of the 20:20:20 homework and the development of the knowledge rich curriculum, the new uniform will further cement the high expectations we have of our students to help them to develop into well rounded young people.

We appreciate the continuing support of all parents, carers and extended families as we work hard to achieve our goals. I am confident and excited about the new academic year and the future for Ibstock Community College.

Dressing for Success – Meeting the required standard

In order to meet the required standard, students are expected to wear our school uniform correctly, e.g. shirt tucked in, top button fastened, badge clearly visible and blazer sleeves rolled down.

Blazers MUST be worn in all lessons and around the college campus. In classrooms it will be down to the discretion of the classroom teacher to allow students to remove blazers during the lesson however they must be put on for movement between lessons

Furthermore, in meeting the expected standard for school uniform, students must conform to the following requirements:

  • Hairstyles which are considered extreme in any way are NOT acceptable e.g. shaved heads, unnatural or two-tone colours
  • Hair extensions and hair pieces are NOT allowed
  • The use of make-up is NOT acceptable – students wearing makeup which is plainly visible will be expected to remove it including excessive eyebrows, false eyelashes or fake tan
  • Nail varnish and the wearing of false nails is NOT allowed
  • Only the piercings stated below are allowed, i.e. one pair of stud earrings worn on the ear lobe. Piercings of the tongue, nose, tragus and body are NOT allowed
  • With regards to jewellery and personal items, students are allowed to wear a watch, and one pair of stud earrings. No other jewellery, piercings or personal items are permitted. For Health & Safety reasons, the wearing of jewellery or personal items is NOT allowed during PE lessons.

For more information please visit; http://www.ibstockcollege.leics.sch.uk/uniform-information

What has been happening at Ibstock Community College....

Saffron Lane Athletics

Well done to the forty students who attended and competed at Saffron Lane on 20 May. All students put in so much effort and worked very hard on their performance levels, plus their behaviour at the event was fantastic too!

Area Athletics Results


Roamii McMahon 100m 4th in heat

Tom Burton 100m 4th in heat

Katie Priest 200m 5th in heat

Aranxta Middleton 200m 1st in final

James Martinson 300m 4th in final

Ben Wileman 300m 1st final

Beth Laming 800m 8th in final

Sean Mallon 800m 5th in final

Keira Kelly 1200m 5th in final

Toby Grimley 1500m 4th in final

Nathan Withington 1500m 2nd in final


Nathan Priestland Long Jump 2nd

Gemma Norris Shot Putt 6th

Hayden Broadbent Javelin 8th

Bailey Kennedy High Jump 5th

Alex Meadows Discus 2nd

Gabriel Roberts 9m49cm

Clara Bailey Javelin 7th

Chloe Haltam High Jump 4th

Oliver Smith Discus 6th

Dylan Gillespie Triple Jump 2nd

Ruby Goodson-Toon Long Jump 5th

Georgia Avery Discus 6th

Liam Riddick Javelin 6th 16m37cm

Oliver Broadbent Long Jump 7th

Esmae Bennett Discus 2nd

Josie May Long Jump 2nd 3.07 personal best

Ruby Jarvis Javelin 8th


Aranxta Middleton 200m

Ben Wileman 300m

Alicia Massie 300m

Well done everyone!

Jaguar Land rover Solihull

On the 23rd of May the DT department took 30 Year students to Jaguar Land rover at Solihull. These students had expressed an interest in the trip and were part of an initiative to give our students a better understanding of opportunities in Engineering. After a 45 min bus journey we were split into three groups and given our hi vis jackets so we were noticeable. The tours of the manufacturing plant were led ex workers at the plant who were really knowledgeable and we saw a lot of the processes involved in the making of the Land rover Discovery. Most of the construction of the car was undertaken by robots who riveted and glued the panels together. The inside of the car - seats, steering wheels etc were fitted by an assembly team of humans! After the cars were made and painted, they were tested to see if they leaked or rattled. Each car is made to order and there are thousands of combinations of colours, wheels and trimmings. The cars are shipped all over the world. At the end of the tour we were able to see part of the Land rover off road experience and sit in the new Land rover Discovery Sport.

New High Jump Champions

Congratulations to Charlie Boyle and Camron Cleverley who have gained a joint year 9 school record of 1 metre 40 cm in their PE lesson. They join the hall of fame with last year’s record holder Bradley Fantom who also gained 1 metre 40 cm.

Year 9 trip to Naples

Forty students and four staff left school at 1am on the first Humanities Department trip to Italy. A very early morning departure from Gatwick brought us to Naples Airport and a bus ride to the hotel Kleine Wein at Piano di Sorrento. Students settled into their rooms quickly and began to enjoy the fantastic views from their balconies and the sunny dining room over the Bay and of distant Naples and Vesuvius.

Our first day of visits saw us climb Mount Vesuvius (well, most of us!) through the clouds in the morning, and students were guided around the rim of the crater, looking down into the huge void and the sulphur clouds rising.

The afternoon saw a drive to Pompeii and a visit to a friendly cafe where students were able to order local food and drinks. We then explored the buried city, seeing plaster casts of writhing bodies, walking up Roman road and pavements and wandering in and out of temples and brightly painted luxurious houses.

The second day saw an early start along the world famous (and scary!) Amalfi road, twisting and turning along the line of the cliffs, with sheer drops down to the sea and brightly coloured towns and houses above us. We spent time in medieval Amalfi, doing a little shopping (!) and students began to learn the essential Italian useful in ordering ice-cream! We moved onto Paestum in the afternoon and visited the huge ancient Greek temples (500BC) of Apollo and Poseidon, walking in and out of the huge columns and climbing the marble steps. There was quite a good cafe there too, very important on a hot day!

The final day saw us packed and into the bus for the short journey to Herculaneum in the outskirts of Naples. Students were able to walk around in groups and explore for themselves in this smaller and enclosed site.

The afternoon saw us moving onto a nearby shopping centre (air-conditioning!) where a little free shopping time found most students using their now expert Italian and all mysteriously gravitating towards McDonalds.

The return journey was safe and calm and 4am saw us driving back into the school car park. Tired and exhausted but full of amazing sights and experiences!

Year 7 Rockley trip

On 10 June we took 33 year 7 students to Rockley Water Sports in Poole, Dorset. The trip had a focus on the students demonstrating Resilience and Respect throughout, two of our key school characteristics. Despite the challenging weather conditions, the students were excellent and fully engaged all week, showing these characteristics in abundance.

We took part in a good range of activities such as, pico sailing, windsurfing, kayaking and a full day sail in large sail boats and catamarans.

We were lucky to use some of the haven holidays on site facilities one afternoon, including the indoor pool (warmer than the sea!) and crazy golf.

We hope that the students take lasting memories from our visit and next year we hope for more June-like weather!

Special thanks to Mr Pilcher and Miss Clarke who were fantastic in ensuring that the trip ran smoothly and that spirits were kept high.

Upcoming dates

Year 9 Inductions days - 2 - 5 July.

Sports day -3 July

Year 6 Induction days - 4 & 5 July

Year 9 Prom - 10 July

End of Year - 11 July

Leavers assembly - 12 July

School closes - 2pm - 12 July

New academic year starts - 29 August 2019

For further dates and information please visit http://www.ibstockcollege.leics.sch.uk/content/calendar.php

Contacting the college

Tel: 01530 260705

Email: icc.admin@ibstockcollege.leics.sch.uk

Website: www.ibstockcollege.leics.sch.uk

Medical Conditions

If you child has any medical issues/conditions that we are not aware of please can you inform the college.

Individual Health Care Plans - if you child has an IHCP please notify us of any changes so we remain up-to-date with your child's medical needs. Likewise, if your child has been diagnosed with a new medical condition, they may need an IHCP putting in place.

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