Entertaining the masses

Movie directors can be larger-than-life celebrities. It turns out, GHS has many of its own.

The Woodmen A.M. staff is very proud of their short film team and hopes they continue to excel.

“On the surface, we make these films because we would like to display an art form that most students would probably not classify as such,” sophomore Cole Mahan said. “We also just enjoy working together through the rather intense process to make something that we can one day watch and feel proud of what we accomplished.”

The short film team-- consisting of sophomores Haley Pritchett and Cole Mahan and juniors George Flanagan and Kyle Bastin-- could not work alone. They need guest actors to fill roles they cannot play themselves.

“They made my job pretty easy,” senior AJ Reingardt said. “All I had to do was memorize a few lines and say them. Most of the effort was put in by the film team.”

More effort is put into the films than viewers could ever realize.

“It takes around a month to create one short,” Pritchett said. “We have to go through writing, casting filming and editing. It doesn’t seem to be bad, but it’s a really long and drawn out process. The hardest part is finding something that we can all agree on. I know Kyle has stayed up until 4 a.m. because he was editing a film because we are so focused on making great films.”

While the process may be difficult, it also has its perks.

“Filming was so much fun. I never saw myself as an actor, but it was cool to see what it’s like,” Reingardt said. “It was also so much fun since we were in an abandoned hospital in Richmond, Indiana. It was super creepy, but I think that made the film better.”

Working with such a talented group has its ups and downs.

“Working with a full crew can become rather difficult at times because there are a lot of visions for the same film that have to meld together to create something special,” Mahan said. “It can become rough when roles are created among the crew because members of the crew can feel like they are not getting the proper recognition for the amount of work they are dedicating to the same piece of art. The pros of working with a crew definitely outweigh the cons because the weight is not entirely on your shoulders. Working with a crew can be beneficial because it gives members a chance to specialize in what they enjoy, so that they do not always have to suffer through tasks that they do not enjoy.”

These films have created buzz around GHS.

“What I love is when we get volunteers to be in our films because of how much people love them,” Pritchett said. “We love when people can see our work and want to be directly involved with the process.”

Mahan takes the short films personally.

“I take part in the creation of these flicks because they are an avenue of expression that suits me best,” Mahan said. “Film gives me a way of expressing myself to an infinitely large audience by saying exactly what I'd like to without the fear of ridicule. Whether it be writing a script, creating a shot list, casting, shooting, or editing, we put in a large amount of time and effort into creating these films.”


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